Who is Sadiya salihu? What happened to her? and How did she die? #justiceforSadiyasalihu Explained

Who is Sadiya salihu? What happened to her? and How did she die? Explained

Sadiya Salihu, a 33-year-old housewife who was fighting for her life at the Aunty Zainab Nursing Home and Maternity in the Sheka neighbourhood of Kano State, has passed away. In this article we have highlighted what happaned to her? and what was her cause of death.

What happaned to Sadiya salihu?

Mhiz Motunrayo Gold confirmed the news on his Facebook page. The message reads,

Sadiya Salihu, a 33-year-old housewife from Kano State, lost her battle for life at the Aunty Zainab Nursing Home and Maternity in the Sheka neighbourhood.

Shortly after being moved to the Intensive Care Unit at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH), Sadiya passed away in the wee hours of Saturday (ICU).

He claimed to have learned of the late Sadiya’s passing on Saturday night while travelling to Nguru at the police’s invitation. He also confirmed that the late Sadiya’s husband had been detained.

Who was Sadiya salihu?

Recall that on April 24, 2010, Sadiya, a mother of four, wed Ibrahim Yunusa Bature, a businessman in the Nguru LGA of Yobe State.

According to City & Crime, the husband allegedly kept Sadiya locked up for several months while she suffered from hunger and illness.

What did Sadiya’s mother said?

Hadiza Hassan, Sadiya’s mother, described how she saved her daughter from her husband when she went to visit her and discovered her in that predicament.

She said, “I had nightmares about Sadiya for a long time, and if I contacted her husband, he would hand the phone to the kids, who would then lie when I asked to speak to her, saying she was sleeping or doing something else.

“I finally made it to Nguru. The kids came over to welcome me. Their mother was not visible to me. I looked into her room through the window and saw that she was there, helpless and just lying down.

“As you can see, my daughter is not herself when I dragged her back home. When I asked, I was informed that the wife was only given pap and roasted hasbiya by the husband (wild dove). Due to her predicament, I had to wean her 11-month-old baby.

We are still baffled as to why she must have daily pap, daily hasbiya, and be sprayed with an unpleasant-smelling liquid concoction. Now look at her. Even now, you struggle to understand what she is saying.

She continued by saying that they believed her husband was attempting to starve her daughter to death while using her daughter for ritual purposes.

Opinion about Sadiya salihu death

We find it hard to comprehend what could possibly drive a husband to be so cruel as to lock up his lawfully married wife and deprive her of all the necessities for survival. Only supernatural intervention could have kept her alive at all. We therefore beg the Police to humbly investigate what, in our opinion, was an inhuman act and thoroughly disclose the facts so that the public is aware.

In fact, this case ought to enthuse not only the National Human Rights Commission but also non-governmental and civil society organisations that work to end gender-based violence and other forms of violence against, particularly vulnerable people.

Activism To End Violence Against Women and Girls

Furthermore, the two blatantly animalistic incidents highlight the necessity for coordinated action to protect the rights of women, children, especially girls, and other vulnerable groups. We believe that these occurrences, which happened as the UN prepared to observe the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, should serve as a benchmark for efforts to put an end to heinous acts like these.

The days from November 25 to December 10, 2022, have been designated by the United Nations (UN) as a time to emphasise the need to combat gender-based violence. Under the global theme “UNITE! Activism To End Violence Against Women and Girls,” it is being observed.

Due to their perceived vulnerability, women and girls continue to experience the worst kind of violence all across the world. It has been documented that violence against women and girls continues to be the most common and ubiquitous human rights violation, both in times of war and peace.

According to estimates, 1 in 3 women—a number that has mostly remained constant over the past ten years—experience violence. According to the most recent statistics from throughout the world, a woman or girl is murdered by a member of her own family every 11 minutes on average.

We are urging the government to step up efforts to ensure an end to violence against women, girl children, and other groups of people who are frequently the targets of various forms of abuse for the nth time on this page. For Sadiya, justice must be done in a way that is both obvious and convincing.

Responses on social media for Sadiya salihu death

Adebayo Ayodeji Adepeju said,

Something I use to think of been single forever but family pressure will nt let me rest… RIP

Ayelero Musilimat said,

I don’t think the husband is a normal humans being may almighty Allah forgive her shortcomings and grant her aljanat fridaws

Amara Lizzy Onovo said,

I blame the girl family honestly..you haven’t spoken with your daughter directly and no one was sent to go and find out what happened..


Ijeoma Okoli said,

This is so sad , family you guys did not try ooo, except you are All old people that can’t travel to know what’s up, no man is to be trusted and she doesn’t deserve this treatment no matter upon haven kids for this heartless man . Tufiakwa ,I pray she gets justice . RIP

Dora Nsikan Udo said,

I heard this on news hmmmm!, For this life? This one thick gan oo, the fault is 4rm the wife’s family especially mother, father and siblings. Then what a heartless children u didn’t see your mother out for a year u didn’t voice out instead covering up for the father. What a careless family not that the woman stays oversea., At once u couldn’t even make a step to go and check on this woman, Ifura lo ogun agba. May her soul rest in peace.

Alfred Atoke Pholar said,

For a whole year you can’t reach your daughter! And both the kids and her husband said she’s good and you are cool with that

Erinfolami Oluwashina Ayeni said,

People are so heartless, someone done this to her love inside life, haaaaaaaa it’s well ooo, Olorun ku suuru lori ite

Temitope Modupe said,

This is the result of when family refuse to check on you and don’t want to hear or feel your pain 

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