What happened to Tea Wright-Finger?, Why did she commit suicide? and How did she die?Explained

What happened to Tea Wright-Finger?, Why did she commit suicide? and How did she die?Explained

On October 16, Tea Wright-Finger, 19, vanished after being dropped off by a friend in a small Australian outback town. In this article we will learn more about What happened to Tea Wright-Finger? and what was her cause of death?.

What happened to Tea Wright-Finger?

A body thought to be that of missing 19-year-old Tea Wright-Finger has been discovered by Queensland Police.

On Thursday morning, search teams located the body in a bushland area close to Richmond, some 600 metres from where the car she was driving had been seen on Wednesday by a mustering aircraft.

Police stated in a statement that they were not treating the death as suspicious and that a report will be made for the coroner.

On October 16, after friends dropped the young station employee off at a Toyota Prado near Richmond, she vanished.

Tea Wright-Finger missing

A thorough ground and aerial search of the area was conducted after she vanished.

The police reported that they had spoken with Ms. Wright-family Finger’s and had sent their sincere sympathies to them.

The State Emergency Service, property owners, and the community were praised by the investigators for their support during the search.

According to Richmond Shire mayor John Wharton, Ms. Wright-Finger worked on several cattle ranches in the region while working for a sizable, family-run pastoral firm.

“I think the community is feeling it very severely; it’s a terrible day,” he remarked.

“The girl had worked in Richmond for a considerable amount of time and was well-connected.

“The Richmond community is thinking of her family and sending its condolences.

Although tragic, it has happened in the bush before.

Condolences from volunteers who searched her on october

When Ms. Wright-Finger originally went missing in October, Mount Isa SES area controller Gordon Graham organised the volunteers who looked for her in difficult terrain.

He remarked that it was a depressing conclusion to find her body.

Although the outcome wasn’t good, Mr. Graham believes it will bring closure to the family and the those who helped with the search for a long time.

He said that when the missing four-wheel drive was found, SES volunteers from Townsville, Charters Towers, and Mount Isa had returned to Richmond at the request of the police to resume their search for Ms. Wright-Finger.

After the teen’s body was discovered on Thursday morning, they were stood down when they arrived.

TikTok video on her 19th birthday

She added a number of pictures of herself enjoying the outdoors and captioned one of them, “I don’t feel so good, I want to go home,” before writing that it was where she felt “at home.”

It’s acceptable to feel lost sometimes, she reminded her followers in a TikTok video she shared on her 19th birthday.

You never know when it’s going to end, so always take chances in life, she advised in the video.

“No one will ever give you what you desire; you always have to work hard for it.

“People will make time for you if they want you in their lives.”

Timeline of Tea Wright-Finger from missing to death

  • On October 4, Tea Wright-Finger published her heartbreaking farewell TikTok video, which included footage of the cattle station she described as her “home.”
  • On October 16th, 500 kilometres west of Townsville, a friend left tea outside of Richmond beside a 2013 blue Toyota Prado. She wouldn’t be seen alive again after that.
  • October 18–22: Police located her mobile phone and found that on Tuesday, October 18, early in the morning, it had been briefly turned on near the Richmond township in the Flinders River area.
  • On October 22, Queensland Police begin an extensive ground and air search covering thousands of kilometres in search of Ms Wright-Finger.
  • Police said the Toyota Prado was stolen from Prosperine, 700 kilometres distant, two days before the teen vanished.
  • 30 October: The extensive ground and aerial search for Tea and the vehicle is curtailed.
  • On November 16, police intensify their search after releasing new surveillance footage showing Tea exploring a Richmond Service Station and purchasing a bottle of juice hours before she vanished.
  • On November 30, a mustering helicopter near Richmond finds an abandoned Toyota Prado in a wilderness area.
  • On December 1, search teams locate Tea’s body 600 metres from the car.

Tribute to Tea Wright-Finger

Sorelle Mackinnon said,

Tea Wright finger you will forever be in our thoughts and heart… Macka will have held your hand and led you home only a few weeks before .. he loved you dearly!!… Keep our place at the table!!We will see you soon ish

Wendy Lindeman said,

My thoughts are with you and all your family, Sorelle. Just so sad

Mandaghan Ferre said,

So very sad. My thoughts and prayers for this young person and her family and friends 

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I agree it just doesn’t make sense I pray that the family get answers … so soo heartbreaking. 


I have been following the story.

Kerri-ann Matthews said,

Sleeping peacefully in the arms of the Angels Sweet dreams lovely girl 

condolences and much to love to all family and friends

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