The new novel, released later this year in collaboration with Z2 Comics, follows 2019’s debut edition and 2020 follow-up Weird Times At Quarry Banks University.

Its title is taken from the singer’s 2022 single, which has an official video featuring Ozzy Osbourne.

A synopsis for the novel reads: “This new chapter builds off the gleefully irreverent, bitingly profane adventures of Yungblud and his super-powered coterie

The Funeral, like its musical counterpart, grapples with the idea of self acceptance, belonging, and finding peace with your own insecurities.”

Joshua Frankel of Z2 added: “Yungblud continues to be one of the most singular, confrontational voices in the pop culture landscape.

“As soon as we launched Twisted Tales, I knew that his story couldn’t be contained in one volume.

This is a glorious middle finger of genre fiction. We’ll continue to publish them as long as there’s a story to tell.”

Yungblud announced details of his new self-titled record last month and appeared on the cover of NME to discuss working with WILLOW

“I think I’ve been painted with a brush,” he told NME. “So much of what has been said about me

Mick Jagger presented Yungblud with a special guitar while meeting for the first time backstage at The Rolling Stones’ Liverpool gig