PRINCE WILLIAM is set to celebrate his milestone birthday on Tuesday without his "wingman" by his side in what has been called the "sad reality".

Prince Harry will not be with the Duke of Cambridge to mark his 40th birthday, in what will already be an affair tinged with sadness

The Princess of Wales died aged 36 in a tragic car crash in Paris which has plagued both William and Harry since their childhood.

Not only will the absence of his mother likely add a hint of sadness to the affair, but milestone celebrations

The atmosphere at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was slightly frosty between the Sussexes and the Cambridges .

Natalie Oliveri wrote in 9Honey, an Australian news outlet, that “Prince Harry, once his brother’s wingman, is thousands of kilometres away living

the one he and William had envisioned growing up in Kensington Palace together when they were children.”

Ms Oliveri added: “The sad reality is one brother has chosen to step away from his royal role, leaving the other to carry the burden of duty alone.”

However, the burden is not wholly on the Duke of Cambridge with his father the Prince of Wales taking on more roles when the Queen

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted through windows above Horse Guards Parade & miss Prince philip.