Prince William hosted New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at Kensington Palace on Saturday.

Ardern gifted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a children's book, Tulip and Doug: A Spud-Tacular Friendship Story, a rugby ball, and a Women's Rugby World Cup jersey

While Ardern did not get a chance to meet Queen Elizabeth II, she had plans to call Prince Charles before leaving the UK.

No member of the royal family has confirmed a visit to New Zealand yet, however, Ardern told Stuff "the love and affinity Prince William has for New Zealand is very, very strong."

The Kiwi prime minister is currently visiting Europe to negotiate deals with nearby countries.

She recently attended the NATO summit in Spain, and negotiated a free trade agreement with the EU at a meeting in Belgium.

After being greeted by a local, London-based te ao Maori group, the two leaders agreed to extend eligibility for young British and Kiwi people to work and travel in both countries.

On her trip, Ardern met with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, several European leaders, and the heads of state of Japan, and South Korea.

While Ardern has generally remained popular overseas for her charm and calm demeanour, her approval ratings in New Zealand are starting to slip.

The rising cost of living that is affecting countries across the world, has also hit the Kiwis.

With an election looming next year and Ardern's opposition currently occupying a five per cent lead in the polls, the Kiwi's position is less than guaranteed.