Susana Dosamantes was diagnosed with cancer at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami in April

Dosamantes was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after being hospitalized at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami in April, Dallas News reports.

Following her diagnosis, a rep for Dosamentes spoke to PEOPLE en Español of her condition: "She is following the treatment but has not been hospitalized

She is going to the hospital to continue her chemotherapies," confirmed Alejandra Palomera.

The Mexican singer continued, "My example of life, a being of light, a strong woman, today joins the eternal life."

Rubio then went on to thank the doctors, nurses and all the employees from the hospital for taking great care of her mother, who she referred to as her "angel."

She continued, "We are infinitely grateful for your understanding and respect at this difficult [time].

Rubio spoke to the media from Mexico about the "delicate moment" her family was going through, PEOPLE en Español reports.

Beyond being Rubio's mother, Dosamantes was a famous actress in her home country of Mexico.

She made her screen debut in 1968 in Remolino de Pasiones and later went on to star in several theater and television productions