"I feel like if we're all in, what are we waiting for?" Kristen Bell said Monday on The Tonight Show about potentially doing Frozen 3 with Idina Menzel

"I hope it is, but I don't know," the actress said when asked whether Frozen 3 is in the works, joking in addition of her powerhouse

Menzel touched on the potential for Disney to make a third Frozen film in an interview with Shop Today's Jill Martin, which aired last week.

the perfect way to ask Anna to spend the rest of her life with him. Gad, 41, rounds out the returning cast as wisecracking, warmhearted snowman Olaf.

Frozen II takes place three years after the events of the first film and sees Mendel's Elsa questioning her place as queen of Arendelle while searching

The last feature film in the series, Frozen II, was released in theaters in November 2019.

The series, which also includes stars like Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad in its voice cast, has expanded into a full-on franchise that includes short films, television .

Frozen was a blockbuster for Disney, making over $1 billion worldwide and ranking as the sixth-highest grossing movie of 2013

Bell narrates the part of Anna, her younger sister who dreams of seeing the world outside their castle walls following the tragic death of their parents.

The original Frozen first hit movie theaters in 2013. Menzel, 51, voices Elsa, a princess in the fictional kingdom Arendelle with the ability to manipulate ice and snow.