NEWS anchor Robb Hanrahan has died at the age of 60 - years after suffering a heart attack that forced him to retire.

The journalist, who starred on the Pennsylvania channel CBS 21, passed away over the weekend, his family said.

Hanrahan hosted the politics show Face the Nation and retired from the network in 2021 – months after having a major heart attack.

He suffered a cardiac arrest in June 2020 and later described it as the "most profound, enlightening experience" that he's had.

He told Penn Live that there were five doctors standing around him when he arrested the first time.

He said: "I literally was talking to Stacey (his wife) on the phone, and they were watching and chuckling, because I was joking with her about [how] they couldn't find what was wrong with me.

Hanrahan told Stacey that he had to put the phone down and then he went into arrest.

Hanrahan said: "There were some inspiring stories out of 9/11 but they were all very emotionally tiring as I remember.

Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman said: “I am profoundly saddened for Robb’s passing. I’m so grateful to have known him.

“His heart attack two years ago hit me hard, rooted for him hard- was beyond elated with his recovery. Both our boys started kindergarten their (sic) same time.