Chloe Ferry said she would be a millionaire if she had a pound for every time she was asked if she was going to sign up to the subscription service OnlyFans

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry has claimed she would be a millionaire if she shared content on the OnlyFans platform.

The 26-year-old said she would be rich beyond measure if she "had a pound for every time" she is asked about whether she is planning to sign up to the service

Speaking to Daily Star, she said: "No, na, I wouldn't do it, you know what, the number of times I've been asked about OnlyFans, I literally I would be a millionaire if I had a pound for every time."

She added: "I know I would make a killing as my friend is on it and she is f****** loaded but maybe one day but not right now."

Chloe also opened up about her body insecurities and her desire to undergo cosmetic surgeries.

"I'm really not confident, I've got body dysmorphia - I was meant to do a programme about it because of how much surgery I've had," she said.

"I never feel confident and a lot of people look at me and they think 'oh, she feels so confident' but that's why you shouldn't believe everything you see on social media."

"The programme I've just filmed which is out on Wednesday I was constantly hiding up and I didn't want to film with my bum or belly out because I was so self-conscious in a bikini.

"I'm not changing anything else," she said. "I had my lips dissolved, I had it like that for a week but then I got a little bit put back in, but only a little bit."

"I'm not changing anything else, I need to work on myself and work on loving myself. I found myself when I had a breakup and had lost loads of weight and now I feel like I'm starting to lose myself again."