Thoorigai comitted suicide: Why did Lyricist Kabilan’s daughter Thoorigai commit suicide? 

Thoorigai comitted suicide: Why did Lyricist Kabilan’s daughter Thoorigai commit suicide? 

The daughter of renowned Tamil lyricist Kabilan was discovered dead at home in Arumbakkam. According to reports, a young person by the name of Thoorigai who worked as a costume designer killed herself. Thoorigai’s choice is not known for what reason, and the police are currently looking into the matter.

 Tamil Film lyricist and writer Kabilan’s daughter Thoorigai comitted suicide

Famous lyricist Kabilan mainly composes songs for Tamil movies. He has composed the lyrics for forthcoming movies including “Ponniyin Selvan” and “Pisasu 2.” Some of the lyricist’s more recent works include “Sarpatta Parambarai” and “Psycho.”

 Tamil Film lyricist and writer Kabilan’s daughter Thoorigai comitted suicide

In his career, he has produced more than 500 songs. Now, the news that his daughter Thoorigai hanged herself at their MMDA, Chennai home has shocked the heck out of everyone in the business.

Who was Kabilan’s daughter Thoorigai?

Who was Kabilan’s daughter Thoorigai?

Thoorigai has been employed as an institutional editor for the “Being Woman” magazine, which is produced specifically for women. Pa, the magazine’s directors, published the first issue. In 2020, Vimala Raman, Ranjith, and Cheran will all be actors. Thoorigai was not only a writer but also a stylist and a costume designer.

Thoorigai career

Having no desire to continue working in a company, Thoorigai started and ran a digital magazine for women called Being Woman on September 17, 2020. In this, she has taken interviews and published about creative issues for women.

She recently attended an event on gender equality at the Marina on the 1st and posted it on her digital magazine. The Being Woman digital magazine was not a huge success. Not paying much attention to it.

woman who thought for women’s rights

Thoorigai, who has mentioned the progress of women in many places on her Facebook page, Deena who acted in Vikram received huge praise and went viral on social media. In this regard, he posted a photo of the brush on his Facebook page and congratulated him. In her post, she wished, “If you feel hopeless today, watch these pictures and believe that our waiting is worth it, embrace uncertainty and enjoy its beauty, good things always take time. Hats off to actress Vasanthi.”

A woman who spoke and wrote many progressive things in life. A woman who thought for women’s rights. Good things take time to happen, enjoy the wait and end your life as if you can’t see it anymore. Thoorigai has ended his life without realizing that life is not only about speaking and writing progressive ideas but also about practicing them. Friends and relatives are sad because they have lost the courage to live life only once.

What happened to Thoorigai?

The deceased’s mother attempted to talk with her on Friday afternoon, but was unsuccessful because the door had been shut from the inside for a considerable amount of time. As a result, the mother asked the neighbours for assistance in breaking the door open.

Thoorigai was discovered to be dead. She was taken to a Vadapalani private hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her body was delivered to the Kilpauk Medical College (KMC) hospital for an autopsy after Arumbakkam police filed a report and opened an investigation. Further research is being done.

Why did Lyricist Kabilan’s daughter Thoorigai commit suicide?

Why did Lyricist Kabilan’s daughter Thoorigai commit suicide?

Now, it has been claimed that the young person was discovered hanging in her home’s ceiling fan. In Saligramam, Chennai, a private hospital is currently housing Thoorigai Kabilan’s body. Thoorigai, who had been living at her home for a few days, was reportedly observed there being depressed. The cell phone of Thoorigai has been seized by police, who are also looking into the matter.

Who is Lyricist Kabilan?

Kapilan came to Tamil film industry to write songs with progressive ideas. Kapilan is the one who made everyone turn around with his innovative poetic lines with ambiguous meaning, I am uppa sugar in your kitchen. Kaplan continued his political activities by writing songs for a series of films and working with progressive movements.

In his way, his daughter Doorik was also growing up as a progressive feminist. He was in close touch with the progressive movement leaders and the Dravidian movement leaders. He has been in touch with the cinema side like his father, who has been regularly writing articles in one of the leading magazines.

Tribute to Thoorigai death

Many celebrities and fans are expressing their sorrow over the loss of the rising star. Here is how the internet responded when Thoorigai died.

Aishwarya said

Thoorigai passed away too soon! We are meant to collaborate. The news left me in pieces. You may have spoken to your loved ones and shared your deepest feelings. This is not a fix, folks!

Sharanya Nagh said

I miss you, Pappa. 2 days kuda illa video call this the punishment you have meted out? @thoorigaikabilan Why did you make me cry? Why don’t you call?

Santhoshkumar said

தூரிகை வண்ணம் விட்டு பிரிந்ததேனோ

Hearty condolences to their family and friends.

Nijesh Jayakar said

It’s too sad, really! Nowadays, we hear about a lot of teenagers and young adults who couldn’t persuade themselves to live and chose to commit suicide. Parents should demonstrate their love and affection at all times so that children can talk to them freely about anything.

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