The Sikh priest was “left for dead” in a street attack captured on CCTV. What happened? Explained.

The Sikh priest was "left for dead" in a street attack captured on CCTV. What happened? Explained.

After being attacked in Manchester in broad daylight, the 62-year-old still has a major brain injury and is in the hospital.

On June 23, the unnamed man was attacked in the city’s Northern Quarter.

It’s likely that the victim accidentally brushed past his partner after that.

The Sikh priest attacked in a street attack

The couple in the photo are wanted by Greater Manchester Police to talk about the incident 

The terrible moment a Sikh priest was “left for dead” in a street attack is captured on CCTV.

Following the incident in Manchester during the day, the 62-year-old patient is still being treated in the hospital for critical brain injuries.

The man, who wished to remain unnamed, was attacked on June 23 in the city’s northern section.

The victim is thought to have accidentally crossed paths with her partner after it happened.

He received two hits to the side of the head after the men exchanged insults before being knocked to the ground.

What exactly happened in a street attack?

The 62-year-old patient is still in the hospital after a daytime event in Manchester left him with a serious brain injury.

The unknown man was attacked on June 23 in the city’s North Quarter.
It is assumed that the incident took place after the victim accidentally drove past their spouse.

The men spoke and then threw him into the street, taking two blows to the head.

Statements of Family of Sikh Priest

The family claimed in a statement that the “kind and caring” relative they had “had his life cruelly ruined forever when a thug cowardly performed this horrific atrocity.”

He was allegedly found in a “pool of blood…with catastrophic, irreparable, life-altering brain injury.”

“A committed husband and father who has lived worked, and supported a community in a city he has loved for 37 years and now cannot even leave the hospital,” the statement added.

He put in a lot of effort every day to raise a teacher, a pharmacist, and a future doctor while also making sure we were raised to inspire and serve future generations.

A Sikh priest was abandoned for dead on the busy streets of Manchester, the same route he took every day to get home, as onlookers looked on.

He was brutally and mercilessly attacked, and the nasty, despicable people who did it are still around.

We hear about terrible things in the news, but we never think it will happen to one of our own—a gentleman who never expressed any hate or negativity and encouraged others to be kind.

The laughter and joy he brought home every day have vanished, leaving our hearts empty. We have lost the life of the party, the light in the midst of any darkness in our lives.

Greater Manchester Police Investigation on street attack

The attacker’s video was made public by Greater Manchester Police, along with CCTV photos of a man and a woman.

‘We are keen to identify the man and woman depicted in the attached pictures, as we feel they may be able to help us with our inquiry,’ said detective inspector Mark Astbury of Longsight CID.

“We decided to release the CCTV footage with the family’s permission just to demonstrate the severity and callousness of this attack and why we need to make sure the criminal is discovered and faces the repercussions of his abhorrent conduct,” the statement reads.

The investigation no longer includes a 38-year-old man who was detained in July on suspicion of serious assault in connection with the attack.

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