Spain vs Lithuania Predictions, Latest top betting tips, Basketball Live score Sept.11

On September 10, 2022, at 18:45 UTC, the Spain vs Lithuania match in the European Championship’s Final Round – International will begin. All of the Spain vs. Lithuania historical results are included below on Daily Info Express Livescore, arranged by head-to-head matches.

Spain vs Lithuania prediction, Basketball, 10 September 2022

Prediction for the Spain vs. Lithuania game on 11 September 2022, which will be part of the Eurobasket 2022 championship. Let’s examine the most recent outcomes of the competing clubs and choose the best odds for this matchup.

Spain vs Lithuania prediction, Basketball, 10 September 2022

In various ways, the opponents controlled the group stage. At the last minute, Lithuania advanced to the playoffs. Although Spain’s route ended up being simpler, there were still some setbacks.

Head to head stats and past match records

Comparisons between the two teams’ past performances will improve the prediction for Spain vs. Lithuania. With four victories to its credit, Lithuania has the advantage in the phase of seven games. The groups last got together in August. Then, in friendlies, Lithuania was twice as powerful (82:77, 78:76).


The group stage was staged in Tbilisi by Spain. She was one of the favourites and duly won the competition. One setback nevertheless occurred. So, somewhat shockingly, the team suffered a 73:83 defeat to Belgium. She typically had a significant lead over her competitors, but in the most recent match, Spain defeated Turkey by just three points (72:69), which is significant for the forecast of the match.


Lithuania was placed in a challenging group. She was a strong chance to place in the top four, though. The team lost its first three games at the same time. However, at the perfect time, she was able to add and defeat Hungary before defeating Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, in the latter instance, the opponents determined who would finish in fourth, which should be considered while making a prediction for Lithuania in the future matchup.

Spain vs Lithuania top odds

Spain vs Lithuania top odds

This block gives the user the chance to thoroughly examine and contrast the statistics of the Spain and Lithuania teams based on the outcomes of each team’s most recent 10 matches. The user can familiarise themselves with certain statistics like Wins, Losses, Average Total, etc.

W1W2> 156.5< 156.5
MEGA PARI3.041.461.971.98
22 BET3.041.461.971.98

championship standings

The latest recent information on the championship standings may be found in this area. Users can see basic indications and the competitors’ present locations in the competition.



Now that we have considered everything above, it is time to make a prediction for Spain vs. Lithuania. Spain does not appear to be the favourite despite the fact that it started the playoffs in first place. In addition to defeating Spain twice just before the tournament began, Lithuania is even stronger in terms of composition. Both duels took place simultaneously in a grassroots style. No exception will be made at the forthcoming meeting.

  • Match betting: Spain vs. Lithuania
  • the total under (157.5)
  • Odds: 1.9*

Spain vs Lithuania Betting Odds (September 11, 2022)

You now know which website has the best odds for Spain vs. Lithuania.

  • The current best odds on Spain are 2.85 offered by Unibet.
  • The best odds are presently 1.51 by William Hill for Lithuania.

How to win money when betting on Spain vs Lithuania?

You have a chance to win between 14 and 28.5 pounds when you wager on Spain vs. Lithuania! (by putting down £10)

Our odds comparison tool, SportyTrader Odds, brings you Spain vs. Lithuania betting and odds.


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