Soulja Boy’s teeth roasted on twitter: Read what happens exactly? Explained

Soulja Boy teeth memes that make you laugh are popular as before and after photos gain popularity.

What happened to Soulja Boy’s teeth?

A picture of Soulja Boy’s teeth that went viral has made him well-known on Twitter.

The fight for respect by Soulja Boy consumed the entire year 2021.

According to Soulja Boy, he was the first rapper to do almost everything.

However, Soulja Boy did lay the foundation for rap artists’ current level of success with streaming.

Soulja Boy was the first rapper to be signed off the internet.

Although Soulja Boy’s ascent first seemed unique, it is now considered standard procedure.
Additionally, Soulja Boy joined the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” ensemble.

During his three years there, Soulja Boy was the cast member with the most wealth.

Soulja Boy has had a lot of success for himself.

When last updated, Soulja Boy’s net worth was $30 million.

However, rumours that Soulja Boy had bad tooth health surfaced a few years ago.

Soulja Boy allegedly appeared in certain photos, although this was never confirmed.

Since then, more people have started to take Soulja Boy’s words seriously.

Another image that went viral showed him with less than perfect teeth.

As a result of Soulja Boy’s alleged current condition, fans have already started to harass his former dentists on Twitter.

Soulja Boy’s teeth selfie has gained him a lot of Twitter followers.
Despite the fact that Soulja Boy’s teeth are currently in excellent condition, this wasn’t always the case.

A social media user shared a photo of his teeth before and after dental work, and Twitter is enraged by the contrasting photos.

“I wonder how Soulja Boy let his mouth get to be so terrible.

They tweeted numerous pictures of the rapper’s deteriorating teeth along with the message, “Don’t do drugs youngsters, his breath must stink with all those rotten teeth.

Twitter Reactions to Soulja Boy’s teeth

Many astonished viewers questioned what was wrong with Soulja Boy’s teeth prior to the dental treatment.

Another person posted, “Soulja Boy’s teeth look like that Ren & Stimpy episode when Ren quit cleaning his.”

One person said he didn’t need to see everything.

They wrote, “Yeah, I didn’t need to see Soulja Boy’s teeth.”

Another individual chimed in, “ARAB must’ve beetwen Soulja Boy’s personal teeth brusher since it seems like that nigga hasn’t brushed his teeth since he left.”

In October 2021, Encino Dental Smile shared a photo of Soulja Boy following what appeared to be a consultation.

Twitter roasted Soulja Boy

Since that nigga doesn’t appear to have brushed his teeth since Soulja Boy left, ARAB must have been the rapper’s personal tooth brusher.”

A Twitter user made that joke in response to seeing online images of Soulja Boy’s dental treatment before and after. The multi-platinum rapper’s grill was fixed at the Southern California surgical facility Encino Dental Smile in October 2021.

To advertise their work and pay homage on one of their most well-known clients, they just shared the photographs to their Twitter account. The pictures were published with the comment, “The first person to do just about everything in the mansion is this musician, producer, and businessman named Soulja Boy.

It’s unclear at this time whether Soulja Boy was informed in advance about the release of those incredibly private photos, but what initially began as a kind act of generosity quickly turned into a laugh-fest at the expense of the 32-year-old, with amateur comedians emerging from hiding to deliver their funniest lines.

One Twitter user said, “Soulja Boy’s teeth look like that Ren & Stimpy episode when Ren quit cleaning his.”

Another user commented, “First rapper to never wipe his mouth.”

Regarding the late singer’s struggle with drug misuse, another commentator remarked, “All I’m saying is Orlando Brown did name him Whitney Houston.”

Another commenter on Twitter commented, “Now we know the actual reason Charleston White brought out the mace.

Netizens react to Soulja Boy’s before and after teeth

Unsurprisingly, the photograph upset internet users. According to some Twitter users, they would search through the rapper’s earlier pictures online to see him with his filthy grills. Several online users flooded the internet with funny memes.
A picture of the rapper with his dentists first published online in October 2021 by Encino Dental Smile, despite the fact that the post is becoming more popular online.
It’s vital to remember that the image can have been changed to make things appear worse. Despite the fact that the dentists and the singer were acquainted, it’s probable that the dental office never significantly changed the musician’s teeth.

Soulja Boy’s teeth roasted on twitter: Read what happens exactly? Explained
Soulja Boy’s teeth roasted on twitter: Read what happens exactly? Explained

At the time this piece was being written, the Rick & Morty singer hadn’t posted anything on social media to clarify that the image indeed depicted his mouth.

What has Soulja Boy been up to in recent days?

Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, debuted his newest song, Life Is Amazing, over the weekend. The rapper talked on how he overcame adversity to achieve success and is now reaping the rewards of his efforts.

He made rap:

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My money be stacking, stacking on millions, heading straight to the celling/ Running up cake yuh my life is fantastic, yes yeah yeah yeah/ The streets we be stacking, be running up millions/ I was in the streets, yeah, I know they remember me, I came up trapping and then we created history

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