Slovenia vs Belgium Predictions, Latest top betting tips, Basketball Live score Sept.10

Slovenia vs Belgium Predictions, Latest top betting tips, Basketball Live score Sept.10

Slovenia and Belgium will compete in this forthcoming Eurobasket basketball game at Slovenia’s Stadium. In their last 10 games, Slovenia has crossed this line five times. In their most recent game, which they won 82-88 over France, they have averaged 89.90 points per game.

Belgium has failed to cross this line 0 times in their last 10 games; they defeated Bulgaria 80-89 in their most recent play, with an average score of 76.30 points. We are going to have a game that is above this 169.5 line, in my opinion. happy luck

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Slovenia vs Belgium predictions, Basketball, 10 September 2022

Prediction for Slovenia vs. Belgium on 10 September 2022, during the Eurobasket 2022 finals. Let’s choose the best odds for this matchup after taking the teams’ tournament performances into account.

Slovenia vs Belgium predictions, Basketball, 10 September 2022

The rivals managed to hold the group stage with various degrees of success. However, the team’s elimination from the playoffs should be acknowledged as wholly justified. Slovenia became accustomed to it, and Belgium surprised its supporters.

Head to head stats and past match records

The Slovenia vs. Belgium prediction will improve with head-to-head matches. In other words, Belgium hasn’t won a single game in the span of two. The most recent game had a pleasant vibe and occurred in 2016. The final score was 89:59, which resulted in Slovenia’s defeat.


Nearly everyone considers Slovenia to be the tournament favourite. She can also defend the European Champion title she won five years ago. She did, however, make a mistake during the group stage, losing to Bosnia and Herzegovina 93:97. However, this outcome had no impact whatsoever on the national team’s first-place finish. Notably, Slovenia defeated France with a score of 88:80 in the previous round, with Doncic scoring 47 points. This fact should be considered while picking Slovenia to win the next matchup.


At the competition, Belgium alternates between winning and losing. She defeated Georgia and Bulgaria, both of which ultimately missed the playoffs. The victory over Spain in the third round with a score of 83:73 was the actual turning point, and she developed a strong resolve. And after defeating Bulgaria in the fifth round, the team advanced to fourth place, which should be considered when making predictions for Belgium in the forthcoming match.

Slovenia vs Belgium Top Odds

This block gives the user the chance to closely examine and contrast the statistics of the Slovenian and Belgian teams based on the outcomes of each team’s most recent 10 games. The user can familiarise themselves with certain statistics like Wins, Losses, Average Total, etc.

W1W2> 171.5< 171.5
MEGA PARI1.0412.51.921.86
22 BET1.0412.51.921.86

championship standings

The latest recent information on the championship standings may be found in this area. Users can see basic indications and the competitors’ present locations in the competition.



Let’s go to the Slovenia vs. Belgium forecast, taking into account everything stated above. The favoured nation for the forthcoming game is Slovenia. Doncic may turn on at any time, and she is in excellent shape. Belgian opposition in the future meeting is improbable because it has played its best in the current tournament. We predict that Slovenia will triumph with a negative handicap.

  • Match to Bet On: Slovenia versus Belgium
  • Bet: Slovenia Handicap (-17)
  • Odds: 1.8*

Where Can I Watch And When?

The Slovenia vs. Belgium EuroBasket 2022 Round of 16 game will take place at Arena Berlin on September 10 at 2:45 PM (International time) and September 10 at 6:15 PM (Indian time). The game will be live streamed for viewers on Courtside 1891.

Date and Time
SpainCourtside 1891September 10 (2:45 PM)
TurkeyCourtside 1891September 10 (3:45 PM)
IndiaCourtside 1891September 10 (6:15 PM)
GermanyMagenta SportSeptember 10 (2:45 PM)

Slovenia vs Belgium probable lineup

  • Luka Doncic, Mike Tobey, Klemen Prepelic, Ziga Dimec, and Edo Muric are from Slovenia.
  • Maxime De Zeeuw, Hans Vanwijn, Ismael Bako, and Retin Obasohan are Belgians.


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