Sky Sports host Jo Wilson declares her cervical cancer in front of media

Jo Wilson, a broadcaster for Sky Sports, has revealed that she has stage 3 cervical cancer, which has progressed to two of her lymph nodes.

Jo – who has presented on Sky Sports since 2015 – was diagnosed this summer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She recalls being in tears and being in shock when she initially heard the news, along with her husband Dan and their 23-month-old daughter Mabel.

I sobbed while a sweet nurse comforted me. Dan was quite surprised because he didn’t really think it would be cancer when I started crying in front of him. You’re hoping your life depends on the possibility that it’s not,’ Jo told OK! Magazine.

Jo Wilson takes consultant from doctor

She worried that she might “die,” but the doctor calmed her, saying, “It’s highly treatable and it’s very curable.”
After getting a smear test in June, when a gynaecologist first detected indications of cancer, Jo announced her diagnosis during Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month.

While carrying her baby, she was actually scheduled for a smear, but she postponed having it done because of the painful forceps delivery that caused both her and Mabel to contract sepsis.

After originally skipping her smear, Jo is now urging other women to do the same, calling it “terrifying” to think she could have delayed the appointment even longer. “I don’t want anyone to go through what I’m going through right now,” he said.

Signs of cervical cancer

  • odd vaginal bleeding for you
  • bleeding during or during intercourse, in between cycles, or following menopause
  • having heavier than usual menstrual pain
  • Your vaginal discharge has changed
  • Sexual discomfort
  • Pain in your lower belly, lower back, or the area between your hip bones

Jo Wilson tell about her anxiety to the doctor

Jo also discussed her concerns regarding the treatment, noting that her calendar is now occupied with hospital visits rather than work shifts.

Despite the 70% success rate, she is still concerned about the 30% failure rate. However, the presenter is “clinging to the positives” and claims to have “everything in my favor,” including her youth and physical fitness.

The absence of control might be challenging because the outcome of the treatment is either positive or negative. I’m attempting to stay in the now and get through this.

Jo Wilson treatment

After being diagnosed this summer, Jo Wilson, 37, who has hosted Sky Sports since 2015, is having chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. The presenter admitted that after hearing the news, she sobbed uncontrollably.

Additional testing a month later revealed that the TV star was battling stage 3b cervical cancer that had spread to two of her lymph nodes.

The presenter opened up about her diagnosis in a new, frank interview and said she was “shocked” by the news.

The anchor, who is proud mum to 23-month-old daughter Mabel, said she broke down in tears to her husband Dan as doctors delivered the news.

Doctor’s statement on Jo Wilson’s cervical cancer

The speaker also discussed her concerns on the prognosis for women with cervical cancer. She is speaking out to promote screening testing for women during Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month.

I try to keep onto that, but there are no guarantees, she told the magazine. The percentages continue to be a little shaky.

“The effectiveness rate of this treatment is somewhere around 70%. I’ll take that, then. However, you are aware that there is a 30% risk that it won’t work. Jo said that despite her health condition, she is “holding onto the positives” and that she is optimistic, adding that the difficult therapy has already caused her to lose a stone.

About Jo Wilson

She began working for Sky Sports News in 2011 as a graduate trainee before moving up the ranks to subeditor and eventually co-producer.

As a result, she made her screen debut in 2015 as a presenter on Sky Sports News. Jo gave birth to a girl in September 2020, and she gave the name Mabel to the child.

Due to Covid-19 limitations, she had to take a 13-month maternity leave before returning to Sky Sports News in April of last year Jo frequently shares glimpses into her daily life on social media.

In a recent poignant Valentine’s Day post that she sent along with a cute picture, she raved over her boyfriend.
Jo wrote: “Any opportunity to republish pictures from the times when we could visit the beach…

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