“Skull Breaker” TikTok challenge: Teenager Sarah Platt breaks her neck to complete a challenge.

Sarah Platt, then 16 years old, was having fun with her friends at a hockey tournament when they encouraged her to take on the “skull breaker” challenge. She’s still dealing with difficulties at age 18. As specialists disclose that kids as young as six are watching risky viral crazes, a teen who injured her neck while undertaking an internet challenge has offered a warning.

What happens exactly to Sarah Platt?

At a hockey competition, Sarah Platt, who was 16 at the time, was having fun with her friends when they encouraged her to try the “skull breaker” challenge.

Two people kick your legs out from under you, causing you to land on your head. This move was formerly widely shared on social media.

However, the teenager was sent to the hospital on a spinal board with no feeling in her right leg when she landed on her neck, while her pals were unharmed.

“It was just a fad that was popular at the time,” she remarked. We believed that creating the TikTok would be entertaining and amusing, but I truly didn’t want to participate because I really didn’t want to risk getting wounded. However, there was some peer pressure involved.

Medical report of Sarah Platt who did “Skull Breaker” TikTok challenge

She had shattered her T5 vertebrae and three bones in her neck, according to medical staff.

Sarah, who is now 18 and thankfully walking again, still experiences problems with postural tachycardia syndrome, which makes her dizzy.

She added: “I want to try and make others more aware not to do it, since it could end in someone getting hurt.” while urging others not to do the tasks.

Jane Platt, the mother from Banbury, continued, “We were one of the fortunate ones. We are obviously dealing with something different as a result, but thank God she is still alive and walking.

Former police officer and online safety specialist John Staines addresses kids as young as six who have encountered perilous difficulties online.

Archie Battersbee warning

The warnings follow Hollie Dance, the bereaved mother of Archie Battersbee, accusing social media juggernauts of neglecting to address lethal online issues.

She thinks that when he was discovered in April with a ligature around his neck, he was attempting the “blackout challenge,” in which participants choke themselves until they pass out.

The 12-year-old lost consciousness several times before passing away earlier this month after a court ruled that his life support should be turned off.

Despite allegations that 82 deaths have been connected to the blackout challenge since it first started 14 years ago, Hollie, 46, thinks Archie is not the only victim.

TikTok statement about these challenges

“Nothing is more essential to us than the safety and well-being of our community, and especially our underage users,” a TikTok spokeswoman stated. “Last year we launched a major global project to learn about the nuances of this topic, and we have since taken a series of proactive steps to further protect our community and to educate them on how to interact safely with what they see online,” states the TikTok community guidelines.

"Skull Breaker" TikTok challenge: Teenager Sarah Platt breaks her neck to complete a TikTok challenge.
“Skull Breaker” TikTok challenge: Teenager Sarah Platt breaks her neck to complete a TikTok challenge.

“TikTok is a strictly 13+ platform, and our Community Guidelines make clear that we do not tolerate content that promotes dangerous acts that may lead to harm.”

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