Shooting in front of Cross Creek Mall: Anyone injured? What happened?

A Thursday night shooting in the parking lot of Fayetteville’s Cross Creek Mall left no one injured.

According to police, several cars were hit by shots fired, and a few rounds struck the building. Several shell casings were discovered in the parking lot of the mall.

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Shooting in front of Cross Creek Mall

On Thursday evening, police in Fayetteville responded to reports of multiple shots fired in the parking lot of Cross Creek Mall.

Officers responded to the calls on Morganton Road around 7:00 p.m. Officers arrived to find multiple shell casings in the parking lot, where some cars were allegedly hit by gunfire.

There were no reported injuries, and two suspects were apprehended, according to police.

At this time, police are still investigating.

What exactly happened in the shooting outside cross creek mall?

According to police, no one was hurt in a shooting outside Cross Creek Mall on Thursday evening.

Multiple shots were fired around 7 p.m., according to the Fayetteville Police Department.

“Officers arrived on the scene and discovered multiple shell casings in the Cross Creek Mall parking lot. Officers and members of the Fayetteville Fire Department entered the Cross Creek Mall due to the nature of the event to secure the scene and ensure the safety of citizens. There have been no reported injuries. Officers have detained two people in connection with the incident “According to the press release.

A section of the parking lot in front of the mall’s food court and around the Belk entrances was cordoned off with crime scene tape.

Statements by Debbie Basile about the shooting at cross creek mall fayetteville nc

Debbie Basile was with her two grandchildren at the mall when the shooting occurred. She stated that when she arrived, she heard fighting.

“We entered the food court through the glass doors, and by the time the doors closed behind us, they had unloaded. I wasn’t counting, but there had to be at least 15 rounds fired “Basile stated.

“They opened fire, and I mean bullets were flying through the glass. They were obnoxious. There was a lot of pow, pow, pow… and everyone took off running.”

A Victoria’s Secret employee allowed Basile and her grandchildren to hide in the store’s backroom. The family was escorted back to the parking lot by police.

“When I got back to my truck, I was blocked in by cones and cops because that’s where all the shell casings were,” Basile explained.

The employers of Cross Creek Mall

People were running through the mall yelling ‘Guns,’ according to Gwn Bell, manager at Saslow’s Diamond Jewelers.

“I’ve never seen people run that fast,” Bell remarked. “We locked [our store’s] gates to keep ourselves safe, and some people went into their backrooms.”

Meanwhile, Layla Simms stated that she was working in the food court at the time of the shooting.

Shooting in front of Cross Creek Mall: Anyone injured? What happened?
Shooting in front of Cross Creek Mall: Anyone injured? What happened?

“I was just doing my job when I noticed people running and screaming, and my boss yelled, ‘Get down!’ I hear gunshots and they’re shooting “Simms stated. “There were also workers in the back yelling, ‘Call 911.’ They’re filming.'”

In connection with the shooting, two people have been detained.

“I was scared because any of us could have been hit,” Basile explained.

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