Shooting in Canberra Airport: Suspect, Motive & What happened? Explained

Lockdown has been imposed at canberra airport in Australia following an alleged shooting.

What happened in shooting in canberra?

After shots were fired at Canberra Airport, necessitating the evacuation of all passengers and employees, a man has been detained and a gun has been confiscated.

Following reports of gunfire in the main terminal building on Sunday afternoon, emergency personnel were summoned to the airport.

Numerous users of social media reported the evacuation of the airport in the Australian capital.

Suspect behind the shooting at canberra airport

After what is believed to have been a shooting, Canberra Airport has been evacuated, and a suspect is currently in arrest.

Early indications suggest that around 1.30 pm, shots were fired from a gun outside the main terminal building’s security checkpoint.

Since then, one individual has been apprehended by the Australian Federal Police; video posted on social media shows a guy being handcuffed and detained by officials.

A firearm has also been found by the police.

CCTV has been reviewed and at this time the person in custody is believed to be the only person responsible for this inciden

ACT Policing

canberra airport evacuation

There were hundreds of people waiting outside the facility as the airport was swiftly evacuated.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told NCA Newswire that she witnessed the middle-aged, “clean cut” man firing a weapon six times.

Armed officers are stationed outside the airport and there are more than a dozen police cars parked outside.

Damages and deaths in shooting in canberra today

There have been no injuries recorded.

Unconfirmed reports state that a man standing close to the Qantas desk fired shots into the airport glass.

He reportedly didn’t go through the security checkpoint.

Images shared on social media show shattered glass and bullet holes where the alleged shooter allegedly targeted his bullets.

According to witnesses, the airport is being evacuated while the AFP conducts a security sweep.

A Canberra airport spokesperson statement about airport shooting

A spokeswoman for Canberra Airport declined to comment, stating that it was a police matter.

Although it is believed that no flights were diverted, none have left the airport since the shooting.

Flight radars show that flights that arrived around the time of the incident taxied on the tarmac.

Flights are anticipated to resume this afternoon, despite police encouraging the public to avoid the airport in the hours to come.

Video from the airport 

Shooting in Canberra Airport: Suspect, Motive & What happened? Explained
Shooting in Canberra Airport: Suspect, Motive & What happened? Explained

While 7NEWS journalists captured footage of at least three bullet holes imbedded in the airport’s window panels, a video from the scene appears to show police officers apprehending a suspect.

People have been asked to avoid going to the airport in the interim.

Police are anticipated to release an update later on Sunday. No injuries have been recorded.

One person claimed that their airport employee son had heard gunfire.

They posted on Facebook, “Turned to see a man flashing a rifle and shooting at the window.”

The events at the airport, according to reporter Chris Garry, were “crazy.”

He tweeted, “Shots purportedly fired in check-in area.”

“Everyone screamed as they fled. Security yelling to flee.

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One passenger claimed they had just gotten on the plane when they heard bullets being fired.

The passenger posted on Facebook, “The pilot gets on and says there’s (going to be) a delay because there have been “shots fired” in our terminal and the airport is being evacuated.”

Thankfully, we just boarded, and the doors are locked.

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