Shooting at fred meyer: What happened at Wood Village shopping center?, Suspect & Motive.

Shooting at fred meyer: What happened at Wood Village shopping center?, Suspect & Motive.

Authorities reacted to a shooting that occurred on Friday afternoon in Wood Village. A reported gunfire at Glisan and 223rd was the scene of roughly 10 units arriving just before 5 o’clock. It appears that two individuals were firing at one another outside the store, according to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

According to officials, a number of vehicles as well as the storefront were shot at.

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Victims of the Fred Meyer shooting

As part of their investigation into an altercation that took place outside the shop in the parking lot, local law enforcement is “working with Fred Meyer,” a spokeswoman for the company said.

Victims of the Fred Meyer shooting

After spending approximately an hour on the scene, MCSO told KOIN 6 News that they had detained a “person of interest” in connection with the shooting at the Lincoln Street apartment complex in Fairview. However, no one has been detained.

According to the MCSO and the spokeswoman for Fred Meyer, no casualties have yet been identified.

Witnesses collected regarding the Fred Meyer shooting.

A witness who works at a nearby company claims they heard gunfire, secured the facility, and ordered everyone inside to remain away from the windows.

Investigators' statement regarding Fred Meyer shooting.

Our team is on the scene, and we will keep you informed as this story develops.

Investigators’ statement regarding Fred Meyer shooting.

According to investigators, two individuals engaged in a gunfight Friday around 4:30 p.m. at the Fred Meyer in the Wood Village Town Center at Northeast 223rd Avenue and Glisan Street. Bullets were fired into the store’s front and several nearby vehicles. Later that evening, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office released a statement stating that one of the shooters was on foot and the other was in a car.

Although deputies flocked to the scene after a shootout in broad daylight in front of a Fred Meyer in Wood Village sent customers running for cover, preliminary reports indicate that nobody was hurt during the shower of bullets.

Sheriff’s office shares the update on the Fred Meyer shooting.

According to the sheriff’s office, no one has been injured as of yet.

A spokeswoman for the retail business, Jeffery Temple, stated, “We are collaborating with local law authorities as they look into an altercation that happened outside the store in the parking lot. “All employees and clients are secure.”

Kenzie Bates: A yogurt seller passes statement on Fred Meyer shooting

Everything was normal, but suddenly, according to Kenzie Bates, who works at the Pico Berry frozen yoghurt business next to the Fred Meyer, “we heard extremely loud popping noises. Perhaps we mistakenly believed it to be an automobile. At first I assumed it was a car, but when people started fleeing, like ducking, and my coworker actually saw the shooter, that’s when we recognised it was gunshots.

The yoghurt business is situated next to the parking area where the shooting took place. According to Bates, it appeared like two people exchanged gunfire, striking several of the lot’s automobiles.
“With all the shootings that have occurred recently, I dunno. I feel like it’s terrifying everywhere you go right now,” Bates added.

Jaime Sidor tells her experience of Fred Meyer shooting

Theresa’s Country Feed & Pet manager Jaime Sidor reported that her staff members heard gunshots at 5 o’clock. She waited for ten minutes before peeking her head outside to see people coming toward her, yelling that there was a gunshot in progress in the parking lot. She opened the doors for visitors before locking them.

It was a complete mess, she remarked. I made an effort to maintain the peace in the store as best I could.

In the Wood Village Town Center, Sidor’s workplace is located in a structure next to the Fred Meyer.

Citizens are nervous due to the Fred Meyer shooting

There was a brief period of intense anxiety and fear among everyone.
For the first two weeks of his employment, Jeremy Pattison arrived at the Wood Village Town Center Fred Meyer like every other day—until it wasn’t.

While working, there were many bangs that left individuals unsure of what they had heard until they saw people running, according to Pattison.

According to the MCSO, before they started shooting at one other, one suspect was outside the store and at least one other suspect was in a car. Then, before deputies arrived, they fled.

How did Pattison save himself and others?

One employee within the business acted quickly to assist a customer and her children. As shoppers scurried, Pattison sprung into action.

The last thing anyone needs to see is anything awful happening, I thought as I first saw this mom with her two young daughters. So, I simply instructed them to go to the back area and remain there, Pattison said.

All of the back doors were blocked off with shopping carts.
Although it was a stressful day at work, Pattison says he’s just relieved that everyone came out unscathed.

I explained to those at the rear that, in my opinion, the best thing that could have happened today was that nobody got wounded.

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