Shocking video: Rabid fox attacks a woman in New York What happened? Explained.

This week, a shocking video of a fox attack in upstate New York appeared online. The video, which appears to have been captured by home security cameras and is timestamped on July 25, depicts a woman defending herself against the beast as it repeatedly attacks her in the front yard of her Ithaca house.

The silent video clip lasts for almost 45 seconds. When the fox approaches her from behind and clutches onto her leg in the opening scene, the woman is shown standing by a driveway with a phone to her ear. The woman repeatedly makes an effort to kick and shake the animal off of her. The fox then flees as a man approaching it with a big stick approaches.

The footage was recently uploaded on social media by Ed Russo, a meteorologist for CBS Harrisburg affiliate WHP-TV, who identified the woman as being his cousin. He claimed that after being eventually captured and put to death, the fox tested positive for rabies.

Rabid fox attacks Ithaca Woman

The woman can be seen leaving her Ithaca, New York, front door while on the phone in the video, which is timestamped to the afternoon of July 25.

A fox approaches from behind her as she stands on the front walk and lunges at her leg.
When a neighbour heard the woman’s screams and ran up with a big stick, she was able to stop the woman from kicking and throwing the animal away. The woman hobbles back inside her house while the fox slips away.

Before attempting to assault a person nearby, the fox made a second trip to the couple’s backyard. This time, the fox was killed and taken to a lab at Cornell University where a rabies test revealed it to be positive.

In addition to the woman’s substantial bite marks and scratches on her hands and legs, the edited film also shows pictures of the woman’s wounds.

What happened to the woman after Rabid fox attack?

“A cousin of mine was attacked by a rabid fox in Ithaca, NY,” he tweeted on Tuesday. “She’s OK. But my, what a weird video!”

A vicious fox attacked my relative in Ithaca, New York. She’s fine. But my, what a weird video!

Around the same time, Russo posted the same video and message on Facebook. The woman “sought medical assistance quickly” after the incident, he later said in the post’s comments, and she was “treated accordingly.”

Russo reiterated that his cousin “is OK” in his letter, saying, “She did everything perfectly.” He claimed that shortly after the incident, the fox that attacked her came dangerously close to attacking another person but was stopped in its tracks.

When contacted for comment by CBS News, Russo did not respond right away.

Russo on foxes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, foxes are one of numerous species that spread rabies most frequently in the U.S., however they represent less cases than other wild animals including bats, raccoons, and skunks. According to the recommendations of the health organisation, excessively aggressive behaviour in one of these animals, or, less frequently, a pet, can be an indication of rabies, although there are many other signs as well.

Shocking video: Rabid fox attacks a woman in New York What happened? Explained.
Shocking video: Rabid fox attacks a woman in New York What happened? Explained.

Although the virus is animal-born, it can infect the central nervous system of people and spread by bites or scratches. If treated quickly after exposure, rabies is typically curable, however it can be fatal if it spreads to the brain. To lessen the risk of rabies spreading, health officials advise vaccination all domestic pets against the disease.

Fox tracking and attacking

For several years, the CDC tracked rabies cases and their locations, and from 2013 through 2018, it released annual reports. Data at the time indicated that foxes in Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas had rabies. However, Ithaca has received reports of at least one rabid fox. According to the Ithaca Voice, a fox that bit numerous persons and animals at Ithaca College tested positively for rabies.

A rabid fox was arrested and put to death in Washington, D.C., this past spring after biting nine people on Capitol Hill in a more well-known episode.

Her video on social media

A fox assaults a woman in Ithica, New York, in a video that was posted to social media. The fox bites the woman repeatedly.

The video contained a time stamp of July 25 in the right upper corner and appeared to have been recorded by a home security camera system.

The footage was provided on Twitter by meteorologist Ed Russo of the CBS station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, WHP-TV as CBS confirmed, who claimed it showed his cousin being attacked. Russo reported that she is now well and went to the hospital right away.

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