Serbia vs Finland Live score Basketball match, Live betting, sept. 6

Serbia vs Finland Live score Basketball match, Live betting, sept. 6

Follow the 2022 Eurobasket game between Serbia and Finland live for information on the stream, the score online, predictions, TV channels, lineups in advance, the start date, and result updates on September 6, 2022.

There have been a lot of close games at FIBA EuroBasket, and it seems likely that there will be many more games that are decided by the final buzzer as we advance to the Finals. NBA talent is abundant in Europe, and many teams have many star players, which has heightened the level of competitiveness. When Finland and Serbia square off, the competition is bound to get heated.

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Serbia trounced Czech Republic 81-68 in their most recent match, with Nikola Jokic contributing 18 points and 11 rebounds. Serbia has now won its last two games.

In contrast, Finland also thoroughly outplayed Poland in the previous match, winning 89:59 behind Sasu Salin’s 18 points and 6 assists.

Serbia vs Finland Live score Updates

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Roster for Serbia

  • Expected starters for Serbia:
  • Nikola Jokic, C
  • Vladimir Lucic, F
  • Nikola Kalinic, SF
  • Vanja Marinkovic, SG
  • Vasilije Micic, PG

BENCH: Nikola Mulitinov, Marko Jagodic-Kuridza, Nemanja Nedovic, Dusan Ristic, Marko Jagodic-Kuridza, Ongjen Jaramaz.

Finland Roster:

  • Finland Expected Starters \sPF: Shawn Huff \sPF: Lauri Markkanen
  • Mikael Jantunen, F.
  • Sasu Salin (SG)
  • Edon Maxhuni, PG

BENCH: Topias Palmi, Alexander Madsen, Petteri Koponen, Henri Kantonen, Elias Valtonen, and Miro Little.


John Jokic (SER)

  • 18 points; 11 rebounds.
  • 05 assists
  • 02 steals

For Nikola, who has been establishing his dominance over the game of basketball for some time, the aforementioned figures are a regular meal. He should score 20 to 26 points, grab 10 or more rebounds, and hand out 5 or more assists. He can be chosen in the Dream 11 Prediction scenario as a Star/Pro Player.

L. Markkanen (FIN)

  • 17 points
  • 05 rebounds
  • 04 assists
  • Steals: 01

Strech-Four Lauri has been doing what he should be doing as a scorer, a rebounder, and a defender to stop Jokic. He’ll likely finish with 18 to 24 points, 6 to 10 rebounds, 3-5 assists, and 1-2 steals, in my opinion.

Micic, Vasilije (SER)

  • 13 points
  • 04 rebounds
  • 06 assists
  • 02 steals

In the most recent game, Sasu hit six triples and continued to pass out crucial assists. He’ll score 10–16 points and provide out 4–7 assists, in my opinion.

John Kalinic (SER)

  • 10 points
  • 02 rebounding
  • 02 assists
  • 1 steals

As a scorer and a stabiliser, Nikola has made a significant contribution. He’ll score between 9 and 14 points, in my opinion.

Maxhuni Edon (FIN)

  • 08 points
  • 01 rebounding
  • 03 assists

In the most recent game, Edon hit two triples. He should score 7 to 11 points and dish out 3-5 assists, in my opinion.

Theodore Markinovic (SER)

  • 11 points
  • 01 rebounding
  • 00 assists

Guard Vanja is a superb three-point shooter who has made significant scoring contributions. I anticipate him scoring between 12 and 18 points.

Points for Vladimir Lucic (SER): 6
04 rebounds

  • 01 assists
  • Steals: 01
  • 01 blocks

Lucic is a respectable participant. He’ll probably score 4–8 points and grab 4-6 rebounds, in my opinion.

Robert Madsen (FIN)

  • 08 points
  • 02 rebounding
  • 01 assists
  • 01 steals

Madsen is playing a lot of minutes despite making five triples in only two games. Here, I predict a 7–11 point range.

John Guduric (SER)

  • 08 points
  • 01 rebounding
  • 03 assists
  • 01 steals

Marko just made 1/5 of his three-point attempts and will need to perform better off the bench. I anticipate a range of 7–10 points.

Claude Kantonen (FIN)

  • 04 points
  • 04 rebounds
  • 02 assists

Henri performed admirably in the last game.

Where can I watch Serbia vs. Finland and how?

Serbia vs. Finland will be played at 14:00 in Mexico, and the match can be watched on Mitele.
But the best course is to carry it out: Daily Info Express

The Serbia vs. Greece game will begin at this time in a number of nations:

  • Latin America: 5:00
  • Peru: 5:00 A.M.
  • Brazil at 6:00 A.M.
  • Peru: 5:00 A.M.
  • Colombia, at 1:00
  • Ecuador, 14 a.m.
  • America (ET): 5:00 AM
  • In Spain: 21:00
  • Mexico at 8:00 a.m.
  • Peru: 5:00 A.M.
  • Peru: 15 a.m.
  • Mexico: 5:00 A.M.
  • 15 a.m. in Venezuela
  • England: midnight
  • Australian time: 5:00
  • India, 03:30

Serbia players lineup

The twelve chosen contestants are:

  • Davidovac Dejan
  • vanja martinez
  • John Kalinic
  • Virgil Lucic
  • Ristic, Dusan
  • John Jokic
  • Nedovic, Nemanja
  • John Jagodi-Kuridza
  • Valerie Mici
  • Brando Guduri
  • Jaramaz, Ognjen
  • Theodore Milutinov

Team Finland review

Four of its previous five games have been victories for Finland’s national team. They overcame Estonia twice in the two World Cup qualifying games that they won. They are now tied for second position with Germany in terms of points. They played five friendlies in the lead-up to this tournament, winning just two. They began their Eurobasket by losing to Israel in overtime, but they defeated Poland 89-59 in the subsequent game. They are currently third in this group.

Serbia review

The Serbian national team has won four straight games, and their most recent loss came on August 17 against Slovenia, the defending Eurobasket champion. After defeating Germany in the championship game and Italy in the semifinals, this team has been crowned the DBB Supercup champion.

It also participated in the World Cup qualification process, when it defeated Greece in overtime in the third round and defeated Turkey 72-79 in the most recent one. With three victories and three defeats, this squad is presently in fourth place in Group I, two points behind second-place Greece and two behind group leader Latvia.

Serbia and Finland have faced off six times, with five victories each for Serbia and one victory for Finland. The previous time these two teams faced off, the Serbs prevailed in both of their contests during the Eurobasket qualification process. The one time they faced off during the Eurobasket qualifying round, Finland won. In the 2015 Eurobasket round of 16, Serbia defeated them 94-81.

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