Security personnel at Leeds Bradford Airport decide to strike.

Later this month, security personnel at Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) will go on strike, potentially disrupting thousands of vacationers.

Problems at leeds bradford airport today

If a “serious offer” to improve their salary is not made, GMB members will strike at the end of August, according to the union.

Customers traveling through or returning from the Yorkshire travel hub during a late summer vacation could see significant inconvenience as a result of the strike.

The two main airlines serving Leeds Bradford are Ryanair and Jet2, with their most well-traveled destinations being Alicante, Málaga, Dublin, and Majorca.

According to GMB, airport managers have instituted discretionary and performance-based bonuses that are out of reach for many security personnel.

In a salary dispute, security personnel at Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) have decided to go on strike.

In a dispute over salary, security personnel at a well-known regional airport have vowed to strike. At the end of August, GMB union workers at Leeds Bradford Airport will strike, jeopardizing the travel arrangements of thousands of people.

The union is requesting an urgent pay raise for members who are paid hourly and argued the recent installation of performance-related bonuses did not alleviate the cost of living crisis. Among the airlines using the airport are Jet2, Ryanair, and TUI.

Leeds Bradford Airport statement

The LBA has confirmed that it has received industrial action from the GMB union regarding a “small percentage of LBA’s security personnel” (less than 25%).

The airport boss said it had “openly worked with GMB throughout the pandemic,” but the recent threat of a strike came “without warning or discussion.”

LBA CEO Vincent Hodder said: “We are disappointed by the cynical move to take industrial action before seeking negotiations.

“Despite the damage to the aviation industry during the pandemic, we are doing everything in our power to raise wages for frontline workers and a wage increase of up to 15% is an important step towards improving the situation. I believe it is.

“We remain committed to working with GMB and staff to reach an agreement and thereby avoid unnecessary strikes.”

According to the GMB union, the vote was more than 9 to 1 for him to strike.

The full GMB union statement

GMB Officer Rachel Dix said, “This is a strong result with a very high response rate. Yes, and ultimately motivating us to make sure this is heard.

“They only want wages that allow them a decent standard of living.

“Our members are incredibly patient, but the voluntary performance-based bonuses on offer are too slow to believe and are not a substitute for hourly raises.

“They will not wait any longer for the respect and compensation they deserve from their employers, but are truly open to constructive negotiations that pave the way to a satisfactory resolution.”

Strike expected to affect the end of school holidays

The union is requesting an immediate, significant increase in security workers’ hourly pay.

According to GMB representative Rachel Dix, “This is a powerful outcome with a very high response rate. The majority of votes were cast throughout the first two days of the election because of the members’ strong drive to make sure that they are eventually heard.

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“All they want is a salary that will enable them to maintain a respectable quality of living.

“Our members have been tremendously patient, but the proposed discretionary performance-related bonuses are unreliable, come too late in the day, and cannot replace an increase in hourly pay.

The cynical move by Union

The top executive of an airport has called the union’s announcement that security employees had decided to strike over salary a “cynical maneuver”

Security personnel at Leeds Bradford Airport decide to strike.
Security personnel at Leeds Bradford Airport decide to strike.

The GMB reported that 93% of its members at Leeds Bradford Airport supported industrial action and threatened to leave at the end of August in the absence of a “real” salary offer.

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