Scott Peterson Hearing: Final arguments are being made as Scott Peterson requests a New trial.

Scott Peterson appeared in court on Thursday in California to present his side of the argument on whether the convicted murderer needs a new trial for the 2002 slayings of his wife and unborn baby.

Scott Peterson’s new trial

Both sides will have one last chance to present their cases at an oral hearing this morning before a judge decides whether to overturn Scott Peterson’s murder conviction for jury misconduct. have also submitted written summaries detailing what they believe to prove their claims. Peterson’s lawyers allege juror Richelle Nice was prejudiced against Peterson long before there was evidence of the disappearance and murder of his wife, Lacy, and unborn son, Connor. is doing.

The Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office, which prosecuted the case and was the defendant in the jury misconduct complaint arising from Peterson’s request for habeas corpus, said at the evidentiary hearing that no evidence of prejudice or willful omission of information was presented. Said there wasn’t.

The closing arguments

On Thursday, closing arguments in Scott Peterson’s quest for a fresh trial will start.

In Redwood City, lawyers will argue their claims in front of a court. It’s scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.
The hearing was originally scheduled for June but was delayed after Peterson was exposed to COVID-19 while visiting a client at San Quentin Prison.

The judge’s ruling is anticipated within the following ninety days, not on Thursday.

In December 2002, Peterson was found guilty of killing his unborn wife, Laci.

Scott peterson trial and investigation

It was later revealed that Scott had a number of extramarital affairs, one of which he was aware of — the last being with a massage therapist named Amber Frey from nearby Fresno. On December 30, 2002, Frey informed police of their relationship shortly after discovering that he was the person with an interest in Peterson’s disappearance, and the police recorded their conversation. I agreed to call him in the meantime. She told police that on December 9th, two weeks before she went missing, Peterson was a widower and it was her first Christmas without her wife.

scott was arrested near a golf course in La Jolla on April 18, 2003. He insisted on meeting his father and brothers for a game of golf. His naturally dark brown hair has been dyed blond, and his Mercedes is stocked with about $15,000 in cash, 12 Viagra tablets, a survival kit, camping gear, a change of clothes, four cell phones, and two driver’s licenses. I was “overstuffed” with items. him and his brother.

Scott’s father, Lee Peterson, said the day before that Scott was using his brother’s license to get discounts to San Diego residents at the golf course, and that Scott was living in the car due to media attention. Police and prosecutors, however, viewed the items as evidence that Peterson was planning to flee to Mexico.

On April 21, 2003, Scott was arraigned in Stanislaus County Superior Court before Judge Ashley of Nancy He. He was charged with two felonies of intentional and circumstantial homicide. he pleaded not guilty. Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Al Girolami moved the trial to San Mateo County because so many people in Stanislaus convicted Peterson. His trial began on June 1, 2004.

On November 12, 2004, Scott Peterson was found guilty of first-degree murder for his wife’s death and second-degree murder for Connor’s death. Alfred A. Delucchi sentenced Scott to death, calling the murder of Lacey “cruel, callous, heartless, and callous.”

In March 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a moratorium on all 737 California death row inmates, including Peterson. The order suspended all executions for the duration of Newsom’s term as governor. California has not executed a prisoner since 2006 due to a legal challenge to the state’s execution record.

Newsom’s orders exhausted appeals and spared some 25 death row inmates who could have proceeded with their executions if their legal challenges were resolved. Peterson’s sister-in-law, Jenny Peterson, welcomed Newsom’s decision but noted that his lawsuit was unlikely to be affected, and said Peterson would be expected to complete all legal proceedings by January 2027. I didn’t believe I’d meet the challenge.Accept-2022 Election.

Depiction of Scott Peterson

For the hearing on the potential for a retrial in the 20-year-old case involving the deaths of his wife, Laci, and their unborn child, Conner, Peterson, now 49, sported a blue coronavirus face mask, handcuffs, and dark orange, jail-issued outfit.

The overturning of trial

Peterson was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife Lacey in December 2002. In 2020, the California Supreme Court overturned his death sentence for jury misconduct and ordered a lower court to determine whether Peterson deserved a new trial.

The crux of Peterson’s motion for retrial is whether juror Richelle Nice lied when she told the court she was never involved in a domestic violence case.

Scott Peterson Hearing: Final arguments are being made as Scott Peterson requests a fresh trial.
Scott Peterson Hearing: Final arguments are being made as Scott Peterson requests a fresh trial.

Peterson’s attorney Pat Harris said in 2021, “She was found to have been involved in a domestic violence issue with her ex-boyfriend shortly before becoming her juror. She was clearly a stalker.” a woman who was just like Lacey Peterson was pregnant, a lot happened during her pregnancy.

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“No matter what you think of Scott Peterson, no matter what you think of the defendant, everyone has the right to have 12 independent jurors who are neutral and willing to hear the evidence,” Harris said last year.

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