Russian oil giant Ravil Maganov died: Fall from hospital window & Cause of death

Russian oil giant Ravil Maganov died: Fall from hospital window & Cause of death

According to a source acquainted with the incident, Ravil Maganov, chairman of Russia’s second-largest oil firm Lukoil (LKOH.MM), passed away on Thursday after falling from a Moscow hospital window. According to anonymous sources, some Russian media outlets also reported the passing of 67-year-old vice president of Lukoil Maganov.

How did Russian energy boss Ravil Maganov died?

Maganov allegedly fell from the Central Clinical Hospital’s main building’s fa├žade when it was being renovated.
At this time, there are no security cameras in the area of the hospital. It is rumoured that patients are not supposed to use the balconies on that side of the building.

How did Russian energy boss Ravil Maganov died?

A packet of Maganov’s cigarettes was discovered on the window in the ward, which raises the theory that he may have gone outside to smoke and slipped by accident. This theory is being promoted by Russian media.

Maganov had a chronic cardiac condition, therefore he was receiving routine care at the hospital. He did not leave a suicide note.

LUKoil Board Chairman Ravil Maganov’s cause of death

LUKoil Board Chairman Ravil Maganov's cause of death

Ravil Maganov, the chair of LUKOIL’s board of directors, perished after jumping out of a window at Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital (TsKB). Interfax reported this on September 1 from a reliable source.
The man allegedly passed away as a result of his wounds.

“We can attest to the death. According to the press service of the Central Clinical Hospital, law enforcement agencies are on the scene.

RIA Novosti also verified the oilman’s demise. Investigators are on the scene, according to the agency.

In the early stages of the Covid epidemic, there were several accounts of patients in Russia and other former Soviet nations jumping out of hospital windows. Some speculated that these incidents were caused by the medications the patients were given.

But no specific cause could be identified.

Investigation report of Ravil Maganov’s death

Investigation report of Ravil Maganov's death

A pre-investigation check has been started, according to the Investigative Committee’s article in “Kommersant,” and a decision regarding whether to file a criminal complaint or not will be made based on the findings.

While we may discuss suicide, the department informed reporters. He was identified as having a serious cardiovascular ailment, per early evidence.

Russian News Agency Mash statement on Ravil Maganov

Mash, a Russian news agency, reported:

The Central Clinical Hospital on Marshala Timoshenko Street’s sixth floor is where Radil Maganov committed suicide.

Ravil Maganov achievements

Since 2006, Ravil Maganov, a deputy chairman of Lukoil, has served as the company’s first executive vice president for exploration and production.

Additionally, he has served on the board of directors since 1993 and has been recognised as a distinguished oil and gas specialist by the Russian Federation, earning three orders, three medals, and three wins of the Russian Federation Government Prize in Science and Engineering.

Ravil Maganov career

Since 1993, not long after Lukoil’s founding, Maganov has worked there, managing its exploration, production, and refining before rising to the position of chairman in 2020. Tatneft, a medium-sized Russian oil firm, is led by his brother Nail (TATN.MM).

A close friend of Vagit Alekperov, one of the founders of Lukoil, was Ravil Maganov.

A week after Britain placed an asset freeze and travel ban on Alekperov as part of sanctions over Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, the former deputy oil minister of the Soviet Union resigned from his position as president of Lukoil.

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