Raymond Jhogg Algoso and Paula Algoso died: Marilaque Accident, What happened to Rider Couple? Explained

Raymond Jhogg Algoso and Paula Algoso died: Marilaque Accident, What happened to Rider Couple? Explained

Today’s Marilaque Accident: In the Philippines and other nations throughout the world, traffic accidents are one of the most prevalent problems. The victims typically suffer injuries or perhaps pass away as a result. In this article we will see about What happened to Raymond Jhogg Algoso and Paula Algoso?, How did they die? and their cause of death.

What happened to Raymond Jhogg Algoso and Paula Algoso?

After being involved in a car accident in Marilaque, a riding couple passed away, leaving their children orphaned.

Road accidents are currently one of the most prevalent transportation issues, not just in the Philippines but in other nations throughout the world. The victims frequently suffer injuries or even pass away as a result.

To stop such incidents, the Philippine government has already begun enforcing stricter laws and rules. Unfortunately, a lot of stubborn and careless drivers continue to disregard the rules of the road.

Video footage of Marilaque Accident

A couple that was riding in Marilaque when they were involved in an accident was captured on camera and posted to the “Bimbz – TV” Facebook page. The video quickly gains popularity on social media and elicits a range of responses from users.

The car is seen in the footage moving along the road at a sluggish pace. Everything appears to be fine until a motorcycle travelling quickly overshoots and slightly collides with the car. The couple was pelted to the ground by the collision’s powerful impact.

Paula and Raymond Jhogg Algoso have been recognised as the rider pair. The couple has four kids, but when they are young, they abandon them. The sad news was confirmed by Erlisha Denise, the eldest child of Paula and Jhogg Algoso.

Erlisha emotional note

After learning about the tragedy, Erlisha remarked that their family and other relatives are currently with them. The funeral’s specifics are still being worked out by the family. She also requested prayers for them during their trying times.

“This is Paula and Jhogg Algoso’s eldest child, Erlisha Denise.

We are deeply saddened to notify everyone of the passing of our dear parents:

Algoso Paula Judi Nangyo

Algoso, Raymond

For those of you worried about my siblings, we are all right, and right now, my family is here.

The particulars of the funeral are still being worked out. We’ll keep you up to date.

However, just now, during these difficult circumstances, prayers are needed.

I greatly appreciate it.

About Marilaque Highway

In the Philippines, there are lots of beautiful drives. Some are in the mountains, while others are near the ocean. Most are located distant from well-known tourist attractions and large cities. On the other side, a day journey from Manila to the Marilaque Highway is straightforward.

On most days, the Marilaque Highway will take you above the clouds or through foggy stretches resembling mountain drives at much higher elevations. It winds through small villages and roadside settlements, patches of rainforest, and past beautiful waterfalls.

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