Ravi The red Panda escaped from Adelaide zoo: Shot with a tranquilizer, What happened explained?

A cute Red Panda that escaped from Adelaide Zoo gets shot out of a tree in a shocking incident, but zookeepers claim there is a happy ending.

Red panda Ravi, who is seven years old, was recovered from a fig tree on Sunday. On Friday, he used climbing tunnels to get out of his enclosure at the Adelaide Zoo.

Zookeepers attempted to lure him with food but ultimately had to tranquilizer dart him.

Ravi is presently recuperating in the zoo after his two-day wilderness excursion.

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The Red Panda escaped from Adelaide zoo.

A red panda from the Adelaide Zoo has run away, prompting a two-day search.

On Friday, Ravi, a seven-year-old red panda, broke free from his confinement at the zoo in the city’s central business district.

On Sunday, he was discovered perched in a tree at the neighboring Botanic Park. Keepers had been unsuccessfully attempting to lure him down using food all day.

This afternoon, keepers tranquilized him and ringed the tree with blankets to capture him.

What happened in Adelaide zoo?

One week after moving to the zoo, an intrepid red panda managed to escape and was only recaptured after being shot with a tranquilizer dart.

On Sunday, zookeepers from Adelaide Zoo spent hours attempting to lure Ravi, a male red panda who is seven years old, out of a fig tree in the adjacent Botanic Park.

Ravi was caught as he fell out of the tree by the rescue crew after they unsuccessfully tried to lure him down with food, according to Dr. Phil Ainsley, director of the well-liked wildlife institution.

After making a daring escape, Ravi (above) was moved from Australia Zoo to Adelaide Zoo last week, where he is now recuperating.

According to her, “Our initial goal was that we tried to employ some food entices, which was bamboo and some sweetcorn.”

‘Unfortunately, that didn’t receive much of a response, and probably wasn’t going with it with all the bustle in the Botanic Gardens today. Our veterinarians’ recommendations led us to decide to dart him.

Ravi will be closely monitored for the following two to three days in the zoo’s animal health facility.

On Sunday morning, a security officer conducting a normal inspection of the garden came across young Ravi.

After discovering Friday morning that the red panda’s enclosure was empty, zookeepers were grateful to find the animal asleep on the fig tree.

Ravi was injected with a tranquilizer dart when they were unable to reach him, and a veterinarian then scaled the tree to lower him into a blanket put out below.

Following his last week’s arrival at Adelaide Zoo from Queensland’s Australia Zoo, Ravi’s exciting journey takes place this week.

Zookeepers think he used a network of climbing tunnels in his enclosure to get out and into the fig tree.

Ravi the red panda

On Friday, a red panda ran away from the Adelaide Zoo.

It was discovered early on Sunday morning at the nearby Botanic Park, up a tree.

On Sunday afternoon, the panda was found.

The Eastern Himalayan forests in and around southwest China are home to the red panda, an endangered species.

Red pandas spend the majority of their time in trees and are only marginally bigger than domestic cats.

Less than 10,000 red pandas still exist in the wild, and they are in danger of going extinct because of habitat degradation brought on by deforestation.

Statement by Adelaide Zoo director Dr. Phil Ainsley 

Dr. Phil Ainsley, director of the Adelaide Zoo, said keepers attempted to calm Ravi down by offering him bamboo and sweet corn but were unable.

Based on the advice of our veterinarians, we decided to consider darting him. After successfully inserting a dart into him, all that was left was for the medication to start working, which took only a few minutes.

He was caught as he fell by our fantastic vet staff and animal keepers who were hiding underneath with some blankets.

Before returning Ravi to his new home, Dr. Ainsley stated that the zoo would examine Ravi’s confinement to determine how he managed to get out.

Ravi The red Panda escaped from Adelaide zoo: Shot with a tranquilizer, what happened explained?
Ravi The red Panda escaped from Adelaide zoo: Shot with a tranquilizer, what happened explained?

He claimed that although Ravi went missing on Friday, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) was notified, and the general public was not informed because Ravi was assessed to pose a “low risk” to the environment and people.

Ravi’s journey, according to Dr. Ainsley, was the first animal escape from the zoo in recent memory.

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He explained that since Ravi had only recently joined the zoo, the priority right now was on his health.

He is currently being returned to the zoo, where he will spend the following few days receiving care from our animal health specialists to ensure his wellbeing.

He probably took a little snack on some figs that were on the trees because there are obviously many fig trees in Botanic Park, but he will still be hungry.

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