Rainbow cloud in Haikou city: Scientist named the phenomenon “Pileus”.

Rainbow cloud in Haikou city: Scientist named the phenomenon "Pileus".

Natural phenomena frequently astound us. It is always fascinating to observe such natural miracles, whether they are stars forming different constellations or a 360-degree rainbow in the sky. In light of this, people in China were recently left speechless as the sky suddenly turned vibrant.

On August 21, people in Haikou, China, were astounded to witness a cloud that resembled a rainbow. Later, it was discovered to be a natural occurrence.

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A scientist named the Rainbow cloud phenomenon “Pileus”.

A scientist named the Rainbow cloud phenomenon "Pileus".

Later, the phenomenon became known as the “Pileus” or “scarf cloud.” A pileus is created when the fast ascending air in a cumulus cloud’s updraft collides with the cooler air above it. It causes the moisture to condense right at the top of the updraft, which results in the Pileus’ development.

According to The Weather Network, the pileus develops its rainbow hue when the sun shines at the proper angle, allowing light to diffract between cloud droplets and ice crystals. As the pileus is “engulfed” by the cloud upon which it is produced, this phenomena is fleeting. When the cloud underneath it rises with convection, pelis is absorbed.

How this phenomenon takes place in Haikou city?

A pileus cloud, often referred to as a cap cloud and a scarf cloud, was observed in Haikou on August 21. When the quickly rising air in a cumulonimbus updraft, also known as a cumulus cloud, pushes against the cooler air above it, a pileus is created.

As a result, moisture condenses immediately on the updraft’s top, resulting in the pileus’ creation.

What caused the cloud to be rainbow-colored in Haikou city?

What caused the cloud to be rainbow-colored in Haikou city?

The Pileus’ rainbow-like hues result from light reflection off of ice crystals and water droplets in the cloud when the sun is at the correct position. These clouds, though, usually only last a short duration. This is because they are being “eated” up by the cloud above them, whereas Pileus is being convectively absorbed by the lower cloud.

After watching the captivating video, internet users expressed their opinions. I wonder if the earth is unusual or if most planets give as much of a magnificient view, one of them wrote.

Difference between Pileus and Lenticular clouds

Pileus clouds are a favourite among cloud-spotters. Although they are uncommon, if you know where to look, you can spot them on days when you might anticipate cumulus clouds to intensify into thunderstorms. Even though pileus cloud formations are rarely visible for longer than a few minutes, they can nevertheless be very stunning. They should not be confused with the lenticular cloud, a near relative.

Lenticular clouds are separate from pileus clouds, which are a part of cumuliform clouds. Lenticular clouds are easily differentiated from other cloud species by their peculiar UFO form and smooth edges due to their resemblance to lentils.

People’s reaction on the natures’s magic, Rainbow cloud in Haikou city

Even though it was everyone’s first time witnessing anything so amazing, several people attempted their best to capture its beauty in words. Someone remarked, “This is insane. Like a rainbow and a cloud had a kid,” and “My whole life would change if I saw this in person,” were two of the comments made.

More than 27 million people have seen the post since it was shared on Twitter by the user with the handle “Sunlit Rain.” The caption in the post reads, “Rainbow colored scarf cloud over Haikou city in China.”

“Rainbow colourful scarf cloud over Haikou city in China,” reads the post’s caption.

Some people even connected it to the biblical rapture. “If I had seen this and I was home alone undoubtedly I would’ve thought the rapture arrived and gone and God leave me,” one individual remarked.

SKYbrary report on Rainbow cloud in Haikou city.

A “Pileus” cloud, according to SKYbrary, develops when the air around a cumuliform tower rises so swiftly that it condenses into a smooth umbrella or hood-like shape when it reaches its dew point. Accordingly, they are frequently signs of severe weather.

A pileus observed on top of a cumulus cloud frequently portends the cloud’s metamorphosis into a cumulonimbus cloud because it denotes a powerful updraft inside the cloud, according to the organisation.

According to the sources, the rainbow cloud is visible when sunlight reflects off of the ice crystals and droplets in the cloud.

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