Radovan Radović died: Former basketball player and coach of Partizan cause of death

According to Serbian media, Radovan Bata Radovi, a former basketball player for Partizan who later became their coach, represented the SFR Yugoslavia at the 1960 Olympic Games, and carried the SFRY flag, passed away in Belgrade yesterday.

Famous Partizan basketball player Radovan Radović died

The former Partizan basketball player and coach, who represented SFR Yugoslavia and carried the SFRJ flag during the 1960 Olympic Games, passed away Sunday in Belgrade.

He began his basketball career by competing for the BSK youth teams. Ha was elevated to the first team in 1954.

Who was Radovan Bata Radović?

In 1936, Bata Radovi was born. He played for Partizan from 1957 until 1968 after beginning his professional career with OKK Belgrade. He played 216 games and averaged a fantastic 19.4 points per game for 4,188 points. Despite his little stature, he played in the centre position and was regarded as a superb scorer and even better jumper. He has reportedly never missed a dunk at the beginning of a game.

He was frequently the top player in the Partizan ranks in the derbies against the fierce rival Crvena zvezda, scoring 30 or more points four times. For many years, he served as Milo-Miko Bojovi’s partner in being the essence of Partizan.

The outstanding basket-taker frequently ranked first among the top scorers in Yugoslavia’s championship. He finished second on the list of best scorers in the domestic League twice during his 11 seasons with Partizan, and he never finished lower than fourth. He joined the black and white family in 1956 from OKK Belgrade as a great Partizan supporter, and that same year he joined the national team.

He participated in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome and carried the SFRY flag at the Games’ opening ceremony. He played for the national squad until 1963.

Radovan Radović family

Yugoslavia’s flag bearer at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy, was Radovi.

Radovan Radović died: Former basketball player and coach of Partizan cause of death
Radovan Radović died: Former basketball player and coach of Partizan cause of death

In the 1969–70 and 1970–71 seasons, Radovi served as the Partizan Belgrade’s Yugoslav First League head coach. In 1964, while serving in the military in Kraljevo, he temporarily mentored Ljubodrag Simonovi, who would go on to become a star.

Ivan Radovi is Radovi’s son (born 1988). Ivan was detained in 2016 on accusations of bringing cocaine into Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from Serbia.

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