Queensland deputy police commissioner Paul Taylor resigned: What happened? Explained

One of Queensland’s senior officers Paul Taylor resigned after an investigation found he had spoken to 100 coworkers while using the term “vagina whisperer.”

Queensland’s Deputy Police Commissioner has resigned

An inquiry into Queensland police responses to domestic abuse found that a senior police officer had referred to his friend as a “vagina whisperer” during a policing conference, prompting him to announce his immediate resignation.

Paul Taylor, the deputy commissioner and a 45-year veteran of the police force, expressed regret for the pain his remarks had caused and insisted that it had never been his “intention” to upset anyone.

The Commission of Inquiry into QPS Responses to Domestic and Family Violence determined that Deputy Commissioner Paul Taylor and Chief Superintendent Ray Rohweder made inappropriate remarks during police leadership conferences, leading to their resignation on Friday.

I am devastated about the impact this has had on the reputation of the service, because it does not reflect my values, nor those of the organisation,

Taylor said in an email to colleagues on Friday

The information was made public at the same time that Queensland’s police commissioner, Katarina Carroll, was being questioned about whether or not there is a sexist, racist, or misogynistic culture among its officers.

Paul Taylor – “vagina whisperer” at a policing conference

The inquiry learned that Mr. Taylor referred to a friend who is a well-known gynaecologist as a “vagina whisperer” in a formal speech to staff given in April.

According to the evidence presented at the inquiry, he was disciplined at the time by “local managerial resolution” and instructed to stop using offensive language.

Ms. Carroll also provided him with counselling.

The inquiry was told that Chief Supt. Rohweder screamed at the master of ceremonies during a separate gathering with top police officers.

The MC jokingly said, in reference to the sutures in his face, that he had had a “tough promotional process,” it was reported to the inquiry.

From the audience, Chief Supt. Rohweder is reported to have exclaimed, “Did she shut her legs on you?”

Ruth O’Gorman, a lawyer aiding the investigation, had inquired as to whether Chief Supt. Rohweder’s joke meant the MC had engaged in oral sex with a senior female officer.

But the person is a friend of the deputy and he himself and I believe the circles he operates within, call him that


That’s certainly what it indicates, Ms. Carroll affirmed.

Some audience members left the event as a result of his attempts at humour, the investigation heard.

The joke’s meaning, according to Ms. O’Gorman, was “not only not funny, but exceedingly serious.”

After the event in March, Ms. Carroll verified that Chief Supt. Rohweder had been elevated in July and had received local managerial advice.

Some serious issues and incidents have been raised that do not meet our expectations, nor the expectations of the community we serve

Carroll said in the email

She denounced the actions.

She told the inquiry that it was very disrespectful and misogynistic.

Given the reform work we’re doing, it would be an understatement to say that I was shocked and appalled after it happened twice this year.

Who is deputy police commissioner Paul Taylor?

An experienced Queensland police officer who filed a submission to the inquiry earlier said that “90%” of rape and sexual assault claims were either made up or the ladies involved didn’t comprehend what rape and sexual assault were.

He asserted that “retaliation for a breakup,” the fact that they didn’t enjoy the sex, or mental illness were frequently the underlying causes.

In 2020, Mr. Taylor, a 45-year veteran of the police force, was given the position of deputy commissioner for Regional Queensland, based in Townsville.

In an email to his coworkers, Mr. Taylor said, “It was never my goal to hurt anyone, and I am profoundly sorry for the harm it has caused.”

Queensland deputy police commissioner Paul Taylor resigned: What happened? Explained
Queensland deputy police commissioner Paul Taylor resigned: What happened? Explained

“This does not reflect my ideals or the values of the organisation, thus I am devastated about the effect it has had on the service’s reputation.”

“I was sorry right away after the incident, and the Commissioner talked to me about it shortly after.”

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Chief Superintendent Rohweder won’t be the subject of any comments, according to the Queensland Police Service.

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