Piko Preston Biography: Famous TikTok star Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Children, Net worth & More

Piko Preston was a TikTok celebrity and content creator. One of his videos, which was published on April 26, has more than 1.6 million views and more than 180,000 likes. His other videos have generally been successful as well.
Piko Preston, better known by the username @pikotrain5, was well-known for making humorous videos that spanned a variety of topics and genres.

Who was Piko Preston?

Piko’s real name is Jon Preston. He never shared details about his personal life with his followers on any social media platforms. We learned that he passed away at the age of 43 after doing extensive research online.

According to this, we determined that he was likely born to his parents in the United States in 1979.

For his primary studies, his parents managed to get him and his siblings’ admission to a private school.
After that, he continued his education at a renowned college.

Piko Preston Personal life

The well-known TikTok celebrity preferred to lead a private life and avoid the prying eyes of the media. Many of his followers are interested in learning more about his marriage and partner.

He was previously married to Shana Pyne Gardner, I should mention that. After a few years of contented living together, the two later broke up due to some personal problems.

He was also honored by Shana Pyne Gardner on her social media profile. After that, Piko was a married man when he passed away. According to some online sources, his wife’s name is Tereza, and the two were married on November 2, 2019. Well, no official source has yet to confirm the information.

Regarding his children, Preston was the father of three wonderful children. He shared his ex-two wife’s sons.
His sons, who go by the names Brayden and Daxton Preston, are doing well in life. He has a daughter from his most recent marriage, on the other hand. His daughter’s name has not yet been made public.

The career of Piko Preston

Piko Preston used to work in the area to support his family and his way of life. He performed a variety of duties for his family. Following that, he started posting videos to his official TikTok account.

His TikTok account currently has 13.1 million likes and 1 million followers (as of August 2022). On his channel, he mainly shared humorous short clips.

He frequently interacted with his followers and gave them advice in a kind and giving way. People frequently viewed his incredible videos on his various social media accounts.
Because of his endearing personality, this social media influencer won the hearts of millions of people.

Piko Preston’s Parents, Siblings, Religion & Nationality

The devoted son of his parents, Jon Preston. We scrolled through his social media accounts, but his mother and father’s names and other details are unknown. We discovered a few images of his dad and mom on his sister’s Facebook page. Let me tell you that on Facebook and other social media sites, his mother is known as “Mama Preston.”

According to the sources, his mother took care of the home while his father supported the family by working in a nearby factory.

In addition, Piko has a devoted sister named Lara Preston Neves who has worked as a Special Projects Manager at Michigan Technological University’s Institute of Policy, Ethics, and Culture for many years.

He belonged to the white ethnic group, though, and practiced Christianity. In addition, he was a citizen of the United States.

Piko Preston’s wealth, way of life, and collection of homes and vehicles

This well-known TikTok celebrity was living a high life with his family. He was living in a stunning house that was furnished with lovely artwork, plants, and other items.

For his children, he always brought toys and other items. TikTok, social media, and other sources of income were supporting him. We learned from his social media accounts that he owned a luxurious bike and car. On his social media accounts, he posted pictures of his bike. According to this, he earned a net worth of approximately USD 700-900k.

Piko Preston Cause of death

The sources claim that in August 2022, Piko Preston’s sister Lara Preston Neves posted on her Facebook page announcing Jon’s demise. His cause of death has not yet been made public. Because he loved to have fun, his passing shocked both his family and fans.

He was 43 years old (at the time of his death) in addition. Shana Pyne Gardner, his ex-wife, also paid him tribute on Facebook and TikTok and uploaded a few pictures. She stated:

Piko Preston Biography: Famous TikTok star Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Children, Net worth & More
Piko Preston Biography: Famous TikTok star Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Children, Net worth & More

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