Phoenix Shooting Today: 2 officers injured & 2 Killed, What happened? Explained

Phoenix Shooting Today: 2 officers injured & 2 Killed, What happened? Explained

In a shooting that took place on Sunday night in Phoenix close to I-17, two police officers were hurt, two bystanders died, three others were hurt, and the suspect was also shot and killed, according to the police department.

Around 8:45 p.m., a two-officer unit rushed to the scene of the incident near I-17 and Deer Valley Road and was met with gunfire. The suspect “engaged” them before backing away. The anonymous suspect was later discovered dead; his cause of death is unknown. The police department claims that the cops should be fine.

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Two officers get shot in Phoenix shooting.

Two officers get shot in Phoenix shooting.

In a press conference held at the hospital mere hours after the shooting on August 28, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams stated, “Once again, two Phoenix Police officers have been shot.” “Thank goodness, the two policemen are healing and communicating. They are cheerful as a result.”

According to Williams, the incident also claimed the lives of two other people who were present but were not members of law enforcement. They remain unidentified.

The gunfire also injured three other people, who were brought to the hospital. Williams went on to say that the crime scene was enormous. At that crime scene, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Williams commented on the shootings of police officers, asking when the shootings would stop and noting that this was yet another instance of innocent bystanders being murdered and injured as a result of gun violence.

Information collected through ADOT camera footage regarding Phoenix shooting.

The area’s ADOT camera footage reveals a substantial police presence blocking an intersection.
According to a tweet from the Phoenix Police Department, Deer Valley Road will be closed for the foreseeable future between the I-17 flyover and 27th Avenue.

The I-17 southbound off-ramp at Deer Valley is shut down. The Pinnacle Peak frontage road is also closed, according to ADOT.

Police report regarding Phoenix shooting.

Police report regarding Phoenix shooting.

According to Phoenix police, the incident occurred around 26th Avenue and Deer Valley around 8:45 p.m., just west of Interstate 17, as the cops were responding to reports of a gunshot at the Days Inn.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said that when the police arrived, they were shot at by an unnamed offender, who was subsequently discovered dead. At the site, two persons passed away, and an undetermined number of additional people were brought to a hospital. According to Phoenix police, both injured policemen are in stable condition at the hospital.

Chief Williams added, “Once again, this is another instance of gun violence in our community.” How many more police officers need to be killed? How many more people of the community need to die before our community stands up? This is a problem in the community, not with the Phoenix police. When if not now?

Phoenix shooting suspects

No suspect has been named as of yet, and the circumstances leading up to the shooting are still being looked into.

Due to a significant police presence, the Deer Valley Road off-ramp from southbound Interstate 17 and the frontage road from Pinnacle Peak Road to Deer Valley Road from southbound Interstate 17 are both closed. The area is to be avoided by drivers.

Initial report regarding Phoenix shooting.

Around 1:35 a.m., news of a gunshot at a “loud house party” near 24th Street and South Mountain Avenue broke. When police arrived, they discovered dozens of automobiles at a house, several of which were blocking the street. When they heard multiple gunshots coming from the rear, police made an attempt to speak with the homeowner. Officers discovered three people who had been shot as partygoers fled.

While a third man was rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, two men were pronounced dead at the spot. Xavier Martinez, 21, and Robert Puentes, 21, were eventually revealed to be the two guys that passed away.

South Mountain Road was closed from 27th Street to the Cloves Campbell Elementary School, and video from the scene revealed a significant police presence. Police investigating a homicide are still on the scene. No details about the suspect have been disclosed.

Neighbourers give their statement regarding Phoenix shooting

Xavier Martinez, age 21, and Robert Puentes, age 21, were later identified as the two guys that perished. Video captured the event revealed Ana A neighbour who asked to remain anonymous out of worry for their safety said, “I just hear all of this commotion and then I hear a couple of bullets go off.

And then all of a sudden, you hear all of these cars, and then there’s sirens, and then I see the lights coming out in my window.” They claimed that it was terrifying to observe the event. They said, “It’s alarming that there are so many young kids out here partying.”

Arizona’s Family published a story last week about a shooting in the same neighbourhood that left one man dead and another injured. During that inquiry, police discovered a car driving away that they thought was connected to the shooting. Following a brief chase, the motorist crashed on Broadway Road and 7th Avenue, some six miles from the original scene.

All four occupants of the vehicle were held there. There is yet no proof that the shootings are related. strong police presence as South Mountain Road was closed in the area of Cloves Campbell Elementary School through 27th Street. Detectives looking into homicides are still on the scene. There is no description of the suspect available.

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