Paolo Scudieri’s 150-foot, $24 million superyacht catches fire: What happened? & Cause for fire Explained

In the Mediterranean, the new 147-foot superyacht known as Aria SF caught fire during her inaugural season.

$24 million superyacht catches fire

In a horrific occurrence, numerous guests and crew were on board a superyacht worth $24 million (£20 million) when it caught fire.

According to reports, Paolo Scudieri, an Italian business tycoon, recently purchased the 150-foot sailboat Aria SF. On Thursday, August 11, near Cala Saona, on the western shore of the Mediterranean island of Formentera, tragedy struck.

What happened?

A superyacht owned by the Italian industrialist Paolo Scudieri, valued at about £20 million (Rs. 193 crores), caught fire. Near the Spanish island of Formentera, an occurrence took place.

According to reports, the boat with the name Aria SF’s five bedrooms, gym, and swimming pool were all damaged by the fire. According to emergency services, the Aria SF was evacuated of nine passengers and seven crew members.

Our coordination center in Palma, Majorca, activated two Coastguard vessels, the Salvamar Acrux and Guardamar Concepcion Arenal after the alarm was registered at around 5:00 pm yesterday/on August 11.

Damages occured in superyacht fire – As per the reports

Nine riders and seven staff members were there when the fire started, but none of them were hurt. According to The Daily Mail, two Spanish coast guard vessels saved their lives. According to the spokesperson for the Spanish Coastguard Service, “Seven crew and nine passengers are all safe. Onto a police boat, they were taken for safety. Right now, the fire is almost out.

They continued, “After the alarm was raised about 5 pm yesterday/on Thursday, two Coastguard vessels, Salvamar Acrux and Guardamar Concepcion Arenal, were summoned by our coordination center in Palma in Majorca. It is not yet known if Scudieri was also present when the fire started, which was so large and deadly that it could easily be seen from another island, Ibiza.

Five bedrooms, a gym, and a pool were reportedly featured in Aria SF, according to sources. Additionally, it was intended to have its public debut at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival, which runs from September 6 to 11. Following the fire, the boat was reportedly transported to Ibiza with the aid of a Coastguard vessel, where an investigation was started.

On Twitter, a video of the incident has also been posted. Paolo Scudieri’s 45-meter-long Aria SF boat is on fire in Formentera, according to the caption that was added. This year, a luxury boat with a price tag of over 20 million euros was produced.

Multimillionaire Paolo Scudieri Biography

The yacht’s owner, Scudieri, is also rumored to be the chairman of Gruppo Addler, a business that produces components for automobile interiors.

The company was established in 1956 by the industrialist’s father Achille, who was born in Naples. Gruppo Addler “designs and manufactures acoustic and thermal components for the car industry,” according to the Daily Mail story.

Paolo Scudieri net worth

Scudieri’s net worth is also estimated to be around $500 million. He serves as the chairman of his family business and as the tourism ambassador for the Principality of Monaco.

Not only that, but the 62-year-old has also increased his presence in the food industry as the owner of Excellence Campane, the umbrella company for many of Italy’s shops and restaurants.

The statements

According to reports, the company has over 15,000 workers working in more than 20 countries, and its annual revenue is over $1.21 billion (£1 billion). He discussed his first encounter with Italian race car driver Enzo Ferrari in an interview. He recalled: “I sent Enzo Ferrari a birthday card when I was 20 years old and already a big enthusiast. I discovered his response, which included a reservation for the next morning at 8:00.

Paolo Scudieri's 150-foot, $24 million superyacht catches fire: What happened? & Cause for fire Explained
Paolo Scudieri’s 150-foot, $24 million superyacht catches fire: What happened? & Cause for fire Explained

“I didn’t hesitate, I got in the car right away, and despite my mother’s wishes, I drove all night to be on time the following morning in front of my idol. The father of four continued, “I never imagined that in a few years I would become their supplier.

Video caught the dramatic moment the superyacht caught fire goes viral

A month after its billionaire owner paid $24 million for it, a video caught the dramatic moment the superyacht caught fire.

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The 150-foot sailboat was destroyed Thursday afternoon off the coast of Formentera, Spain, by an uncontrollable flame.

In front of startled people, black smoke plumes rose over the Mediterranean as the yacht caught fire.

Skippers on Cala Saona, on the picturesque island’s west coast, stared helplessly as passengers frantically stepped off the ship.

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