Naked attraction: ‘Biggest penis ever’ shocked host Anna Richardson

Naked attraction: 'Biggest penis ever' shocked host Anna Richardson

One candidate displayed his big penis as the show made its return to Channel 4, leaving Anna Richardson speechless.

During Rara’s appearance on the show, a single mother from Herefordshire who was 36 years old, looking for a suitable mate, host Anna was astounded by the “largest penis” she had ever seen.

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Rara’s reaction to naked attraction

Fetish model Rara claimed she was looking for Mr. Right since she no longer wanted to be someone’s fantasy.
Rara had no idea, though, that she would be met with a huge surprise.

Rara was startled by Ozzy’s package as he entered the stage and exclaimed, “I think that’s too huge. There, I’m quite little. Anna, the host, exclaimed, “Wow in all my years. Is that actually true? not had a pump applied to it? Has it grown?

Rara's reaction to naked attraction

Standing in the blue pod, Ozzy gave them the approval thumbs-up. Rara admitted later in the programme that she wouldn’t be able to handle it.

It’s his penis, and it’s massive, she continued. When asked if she thought the size of the penis was essential, Rara replied that she did, but added that she was “quite small down there” and that he would run into a barrier that he couldn’t get over.

Fans reaction on naked attraction

Fans were astounded as well, and they expressed their shock on social media. Ozzy has experienced rejection because of the size of his manhood before.

He acknowledged that it had previously turned down other girls as well. Ozzy’s entrance astounded the crowd, and they expressed their shock on Twitter.

“Ozzy the elephant packed his trunk,” one viewer wrote. He probably needs to wear two pairs of keks to tame those bad boys, another person remarked.

It’s simply a one-horse race, #nakedattraction. Another person added an eggplant emoji and remarked, “Omfg he has a porn star penis #nakedattraction.”

Dating show sees naked attraction

According to Birmingham Live, the 36-year-old Rara from Herefordshire was the first person into the studio when the dating show, which features visitors who are completely naked, returned for a new season on Thursday night.

The fetish model preferred to find the ideal companion for a cosy sofa snuggle because she was sick of being bound up in someone else’s fantasy.

But one of her options left her feeling paralysed. Ozzy’s offer astounded Rara, who referred to it as a “third limb.” Added her: “I feel that is too large. I’m rather diminutive down there.”

Anna Richardson ask about the naked attraction

and a stunned Is that real? Anna Richardson inquired of the south London cab driver. One of the biggest penises she had ever seen on the show, she claimed, was present. He raised his thumb in response when she inquired if it was a grower.

Later, Rara said she was unable to manage it. It’s that penis – it’s massive,” she said, explaining why she had opted against asking him out. And Ozzy acknowledged that he wasn’t astonished because it has previously turned girls off.

Channel 4 series take naked attractions matter into their hand

This follows reports that participants on the Channel 4 series must take matters into their own hands to resolve any potential backstage issues.

Stars go above and beyond to ensure they are in top condition before they are recorded in the buff, raising the possibility that the frigid temperatures in the green room may be damaging some candidates’ chances of finding love.

‘The whole concept of Naked Attraction is that your body is the thing that attracts a potential spouse,’ a TV insider told The Sun.

As a result, the men had to give themselves a little “fluff” while they were in the chilly room in order to be as augmented as possible without being completely inappropriate.

The crew has expressed some scepticism after witnessing this seemingly desperate measure in action. Naked Attraction actors have been reassured by the dating program’s executives that the green room is heated to the “optimum” temperature of 21C. You can watch Naked Attraction on All 4.

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