Matthew Gustafson Killed by Kamloops Police (RCMP): What is the real reason behind this? Explained

After a six-hour standoff, Matthew Gustafson, who is suspected of abducting his children and ex-partner, was shot and killed by police on August 15 north of Walhachin.

Who was Matthew Gustafson?

West of Kamloops, British Columbia, a man was shot and killed by police on Sunday after an alleged kidnapping of two ladies and a little child.

Around 5:20 p.m. on Saturday, a lady who seemed to be in a car dialled 911 to ask for assistance, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

West of Kamloops and north of Walhachin, a man was shot dead by police early on Monday morning (August 15) after allegedly kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and her children and engaging in a fatal standoff with them.

According to a source with knowledge of the incident, the individual is Matthew Gustafson of Kamloops. He has been recognised to KTW.

After a six-hour standoff on Deadman Vidette Road during which, according to police, Gustafson emerged from a trailer with a firearm and his four-year-old child, police shot and killed Gustafson at 3 a.m. on Monday.

The kid wasn’t hurt physically.

A man was killed by Kamloops RCMP over a potential kidnapping.

The Trans-Canada runs close to Savona, where the event happened, and is located around 14 kilometres along Deadman Vidette Road from Highway 1. From Kamloops, it takes around 45 minutes to get there.

The individual was shot and died during the interaction with the officers, according to a statement from the RCMP. The woman inside the trailer had non-life-threatening injuries, but the youngster was unharmed.

The mother, who lives in the Kamloops region, went to pick up her children, ages 11 and 4, who she shares with Gustafson at his house outside of Kamloops, according to the source with knowledge of the incident who spoke to KTW.

Reason behind the kidnapping of his children and ex-partner

Gustafson followed her after she left after an argument, got in her car, and drove them to the trailer in Walhachin, the source informed KTW.

According to the BC RCMP, a lady who appeared to be phoning from inside a car made a 911 call on Sunday at 5:20 p.m. requesting for assistance. A short while later, a second complaint was received about a driver acting strangely west of Kamloops on the Trans-Canada Highway and a woman trying to exit the car.

after spotting the suspect’s vehicle, officers drove to a rural property before ‘call a tactical response group


The oldest child eventually managed to escape the trailer, the source said KTW, calling a relative who then called the police.

The Mounties said that at around 5:45 p.m., a third caller reported to authorities the kidnapping of a family member and a child.

According to the BC RCMP, when officers arrived on the site, they discovered an empty car with a firearm inside. Officers responded to a report of the original suspect vehicle being close to a trailer on Deadman Vidette Road just before 9 o’clock in the evening. Police there set up a roadblock and called in the RCMP emergency response team, starting the six-hour standoff.

 a child who was with the man was not injured and a woman who sustained injuries was found inside a trailer located at the scene. Another injured and bound woman was found inside the home of the man shot by police


Statement from sources about Matthew Gustafson’s kidnapping

Gustafson, according to the source, had several pistols and had taken one with him when he left the trailer, but the source is unsure of how he ended up being shot by police.

Matthew Gustafson did have a few traffic tickets, but no criminal convictions, according to online court records.

The ex-partner, who was treated at Royal Inland Hospital and required sutures, was allegedly beaten by Gustafson.

The woman is a single mother who will be out of work for a while, so her family has started a Go Fund Me campaign with the aim of raising $10,000.

The donation website claimed, “Thankfully, they are all OK, but there is a lot of physical and mental healing to be done. We want to make their time together as stress-free as possible for them by helping to pay for some of their daily costs. This way, they can enjoy their time together without having to worry.

Following a report of a second woman being found hurt and bound inside the suspect’s residence in the Kamloops region shortly after 9 p.m. on Sunday, Kamloops RCMP also went there.

Matthew Gustafson Killed by Kamloops Police (RCMP): What is the real reason behind this? Explained
Matthew Gustafson Killed by Kamloops Police (RCMP): What is the real reason behind this? Explained

She was also brought to the hospital for medical attention. The second woman’s identity is still a mystery.

The Independent Investigations Office of BC, the province’s police watchdog, is looking into police activities while the police are looking into the initial complaint and the second assault probe.

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Anyone with pertinent information, dashcam or other video footage of the incident is urged to call the IIOBC’s witness line toll-free at 1-855-446-8477 or through the website’s contact form.

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