Mattapoisett manhunt is over: Both suspects are in custody. What happened? Explained.

The Mattapoisett manhunt has concluded. According to the Mattapoisett Police Department, a suspect is in custody following an hours-long car chase that resulted in a search in the woods Friday morning.

Many Mattapoisett residents awoke around 4 a.m. to a reverse 911 call, after one of the car chase participants fled on foot into the woods between North Street and I-195. According to WBZ’s Tim Dunn, town police have asked residents to keep an eye out for a man wearing a black hoodie and missing a shoe.

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The Mattapoisett manhunt is over.

The Mattapoisett Police Department arrested Joseph Herrera Rodriguez and Jorman Aybar, both of Dorchester, MA, on Friday, August 19.

During the week of August 19, Mattapoisett Police received multiple reports of stolen and altered checks from Mattapoisett residents who mailed the checks outside mailboxes at the Mattapoisett Post Office. To date, the reported stolen checks totaled more than $250,000.00.

Mattapoisett Police investigated the reports immediately and discovered that mail was being stolen from the outside depositories at the United States Post Office in Mattapoisett. The stolen checks were then rewritten for large sums and frequently deposited or cashed out of state. The US Postal Service postal inspector was notified. This is referred to as mailbox fishing.

What exactly happened in the Mattapoisett manhunt?

Residents in Mattapoisett may hear a helicopter or receive phone calls as state and local police search for a suspect involved in a chase and car crash earlier Friday morning.

A Mattapoisett police dispatcher confirmed that many officers from the town are on the hunt.

Meanwhile, a Mattapoisett resident confirmed receiving a “code red” phone message warning residents about the search near North Street and I-195.

Both the message and unconfirmed scanner reports stated that the suspect had lost a shoe.

Flight scanners confirm that a state police Air Wing helicopter is currently participating in the search.

Although law enforcement has yet to confirm the reports, scanner reports beginning around 5 a.m. Mattapoisett police were chasing two suspects, first on foot and then in a white vehicle, through the town center on Friday.

According to unconfirmed reports, the suspect vehicle crashed near the North Street interchange with I-195, and the suspects fled on foot.

A K9 later apprehended one of the male suspects, but the search for the second suspect continues.

Messages seeking information from the state and Mattapoisett police have not been returned.

Officers approached two suspicious men on Mechanic Street, and they fled in a nearby car. The suspects were pursued by Mattapoisett Police and Massachusetts State Police until their car crashed on I-195.

Following the crash, one man was apprehended, while the other fled into the woods from police. The MSP Air Wing was on the scene, flying over the woods looking for the suspect.

The second man was later discovered, resulting in the arrest of both suspects.

The statement by the Mattapoisett police

The Mattapoisett police conducted surveillance and observed two parties fishing mail from the outside depositories at 4.45 a.m. on August 19. The parties fled to a vehicle parked on Hammond Street when Mattapoisett Police arrived. The vehicle, a white Acura, fled the scene at high speed, colliding with a Mattapoisett Police cruiser. The vehicle continued north on North Street; it attempted to travel east on I-195, where it continued across the median into the wooded area. Both the driver and the passenger fled the vehicle into the woods. Officers established a perimeter around the area. Mr. Aybar was found after a search with the Plymouth County Sheriff’s K9 unit. Mr. Rodriguez was soon found in the same location.

Many agencies helped the Mattapoisett Police Department with the search and arrests. The Fairhaven Police Department, Rochester Police Department, Marion Police Department, Plymouth County Sheriffs BCI and K9, and the Massachusetts State Police patrol and airwing are all involved.

Please check and monitor your accounts if you mailed checks to the Mattapoisett Post Office’s outside depositories. Mattapoisett Police have recovered the mail and will contact any victims. Please notify the Mattapoisett Police Department of any fraudulent activity. The Mattapoisett Police Department is still investigating this case.

Mattapoisett police Press release

Herrera Rodriguez was charged with the following:

Mattapoisett manhunt is over: Both suspects are in custody. What happened? Explained.
Mattapoisett manhunt is over: Both suspects are in custody. What happened? Explained.
  • Intentionally breaking into a Depository with the intent to commit a felony
  • Dangerous Weapon, Assault, and Battery
  • Over $1200 larceny
  • Failure to yield to a police officer
  • Endangering others by driving a car
  • Clearly marked lanes
  • Speeding

Jorman Aybar was charged with the following:

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  • Intentionally breaking into a Depository with the intent to commit a felony
  • Over $1200 larceny

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