Mass Shooting at Cincinnati bar: 9 people injured | What happened? Suspect, Motive Explained.

At least nine people have been hurt as a result of a mass shooting in Cincinnati bar, Ohio early on Sunday morning, according to the police.

Around 1:45 a.m., a shooting occurred outside a bar in the Over-the-Rhine area.

Around 1:30 a.m., according to Cincinnati police, it occurred at the intersection of 13th and Main streets.

Mass Shooting at Cincinnati bar

In a shooting early on Sunday in Cincinnati, nine individuals were hurt, according to officials.

According to Assistant Chief Michael John of the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD), none of the shooting victims were in severe condition while they were being taken to a local hospital.

John added that during the altercation in the city’s Over-The-Rhine area, a cop fired one shot at a suspect.

John added at the news conference, “We have one Cincinnati police officer who fired one round, and we do not know if that officer struck the person he was shooting the gun at. What I can say is that the person he was shooting at was using a gun to shoot at the time.

Police claim that is where one individual opened fire into the gathering in front of a bar.

9 people were injured in a shooting in Cincinnati

In the early hours of Sunday, a shooting in Cincinnati, Ohio, left at least nine people hurt, according to authorities.

According to the Cincinnati Police Department, gunfire broke out at around 1:45 a.m. on the 1300 block of Main Street in the Over-the-Rhine area.

Although the precise number of casualties is yet unknown, officials told WCPO that several people were being treated at University Hospital.

Police statement about the shooter

John remarked, “We know that many people left the scene that may have witnessed anything. “Any witness statements you may provide are wanted. Therefore, if someone has anything on their phone, such as video footage, we would obviously want to use it to try and figure out exactly how this event unfolded.

According to officials, a police officer opened fire after arriving on the scene. Police say they do not know if the shooter was hit, but they do know that when the officer fired at them, the shooter was still engaged in firing.

As gunfire started to ring out, surveillance footage captures the initial apprehension of numerous customers along Main Street.

On the corner of 13th and Main streets, all of the victims were discovered.

None of the victim’s injuries, according to the police, were life-threatening.

Many of the wounded received first assistance at the scene from Cincinnati police, who bandaged gunshot wounds with tourniquets. Some of the victims were were taken to hospitals by Cincinnati police in their cruisers, while others drove themselves. The hospitals to which they were transferred are now unknown.

Suspect not in custody

According to authorities, the suspect left the area and has not yet been apprehended. The suspect is described as sporting dark jeans and a white shirt.

Authorities added that it’s not clear whether there was a lone suspect present.

The Hill has contacted the Cincinnati Police Department in an effort to learn more about the event.

John added that a second incident in the city’s Central Business District left two persons hurt.

According to police, after the shooting, authorities deployed flash bangs to contain the throng.

Owner of The Hub in Over-the-Rhine Lindsay Swadner reported hearing 30 rounds before walking outside and discovering numerous victims of gunshot wounds.

Lindsay Swadner, the owner of The Hub in Over-the-Rhine statement about bar shooting 

After that, according to Swadner, the commotion broke out. Moments after having a fun night out with friends and family, people started to flee and find safety.

Shooting at Cincinnati bar: 9 people injured | What happened? Suspect, Motive Explained.
Shooting at Cincinnati bar: 9 people injured | What happened? Suspect, Motive Explained.

As the Hub turned into a haven for safety, other people rushed inside to find protection.

“In two distinct rounds, there were approximately 25 to 30 shots fired. When it went “boom, bang, bang, bang,” everyone looked about and said, “Was it over?” After hearing “bang, bang, bang, bang,” everyone immediately began to flee inside any available building “recalled Swadner. “We then began bringing people inside. I checked to make sure everyone was inside before I went up the street to investigate. Of course, there were more shooting victims, though I’m not sure how many.”

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A wedding party was among those taking refuge inside The Hub, she added.

Two more people were shot in a different incident that happened at the Banks earlier on Sunday morning. The two incidents are not thought to be connected, WLWT has been informed. We’re trying to find out additional details about that occurrence.

Call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040 if you have any information on either shooting.

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