Manchester 1996 IRA bombing: Man detained at Birmingham Airport What Happened? Explained

Officers from Counter Terrorism Policing for the North West will interrogate him soon.

Man detained at Birmingham Airport

In relation to the 1996 bombing in Manchester’s city center, a guy has been detained.

On suspicion of terrorism, a man was detained at Birmingham Airport last night and is still there. Officers from Counter Terrorism Policing for the North West will interrogate him soon (CTPNW).

The arrest is related to investigations into the 1996 IRA bomb explosion that rattled Manchester City Center.

What exactly happened in the Manchester IRA bombing 1996?

Despite the fact that no one was killed in the blast, investigations chief Detective Superintendent Andrew Meeks noted that hundreds of people suffered injuries, many of which had a significant impact on their lives.
There were no fatalities as a result of the 3,300 lb bomb’s severe damage and more than 200 injuries.

On June 15, 1996, a massive lorry bomb rocked Manchester in an attack for which the IRA had issued a warning. Although more than 200 individuals were hurt, no one died.

As England was holding the Euro 96 football tournament, one of the biggest bombs to ever explode in the UK was used in the attack.

It significantly damaged Manchester’s city center and served as an impetus for redevelopment.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Meeks Statement About the Manchester IRA bombing 1996

“Although thankfully no one was killed during the 1996 Manchester bombing by the IRA, hundreds of people were left with injuries – many of which were life-changing – and many more across Greater Manchester and the North West were affected by what happened that day,” said Detective Superintendent Andrew Meeks, Head of Investigations for Counter Terrorism Policing North West.

“We have always been dedicated to finding the attackers and putting them to justice. For the past few years, a team of committed detectives has been re-examining the case files and looking into fresh avenues of investigation.

“Given the passage of time, and the number of people who were affected or injured by this atrocity, we sadly don’t have the contact details for everyone so would encourage anyone who was affected that we haven’t been able to reach to access the Major Incident Portal using this link:

“Anyone that leaves their details as someone who was affected will be contacted by a member of the investigation team as soon as possible. We remain determined to hold those responsible for this attack to account regardless of the time passed and would still encourage anyone who has any information that could assist our inquiries to get in touch via the Major Incident Portal.”

Communities Defeat Terrorism, and public assistance and support are essential components of it. We, therefore, ask everyone to exercise caution and to report any suspicious activity to the police in confidence by calling the Anti-Terrorist Hotline at (800) 789-321 or visiting

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