Major crash on I-35: 2-year-old girl died, What happend at northbound lane of I-35? Explained

Major crash on I-35: 2-year-old girl died, What happend at northbound lane of I-35? Explained

After a significant crash Wednesday night outside Temple, one girl is dead and at least three people were taken to nearby hospitals by life flight, according to fire officials. In this article we have shared full information about what happened at northbound lane of I-35 today?.

What happend at northbound lane of I-35?

Reporter KWTX Madison Herber confirmed the news on her Facebook page. The message reads,

After an accident on I-35 brought Temple traffic to a complete stop, a 2-year-old child is reportedly deceased.

According to reports, the collision happened outside Temple’s municipal boundaries on the northbound lanes of I-35, close to Love’s Truck Stop.

According to sources, on November 23 at around 6:25 p.m., authorities were called.

What did the Temple Fire and Rescue spokesperson said?

At least four to five automobiles were involved in the collision, according to a Temple Fire and Rescue representative. They reported numerous severe injuries as well as numerous extractions. How many patients were seen on the spot is unknown.

A toddler, who was around two years old, has only ever been officially verified dead.

At least eleven persons were taken from the disaster, approximately eight by ambulance and three by helicopter, the official stated.

Even though not all lanes may be open, traffic is now moving.

As new information becomes available, 6 News will report it.

Traffic on northbound I-35

Delays on the road are anticipated to last at least two hours, and officials are urging people who are travelling during the Thanksgiving holiday to find an alternate route.

 A crash that occurred outside of Temple city limits is causing standstill traffic on northbound I-35 through Temple. Please seek alternate routes, if possible.

Temple Police Department

Late on Wednesday night, one lane was reopened. According to officials, a total of up to 11 people were transported to nearby hospitals.

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