Lori Harvey Sex Tape: Private Video Of Lori Harvey Goes Viral on Online

The comedian Steve Harvey’s model daughter Lori Harvey has been making the rounds on social media as many users of the Blue Bird app have speculated that there may be a video of her having a sexual encounter.

Lori Harvey Sex Tape goes viral on Twitter

It is safe to say that Lori Harvey picks herself and is entirely focused on that. She recently explained her new attitude to partnerships. This follows her headliner breakup with Michael B. Jordan. The model talked about her unwavering dating philosophy.

Lori Harvey is one of the social media influencers with the highest power in the contemporary United States.

But a lot of people were searching for the American model’s purportedly personal video, which made her show up on Twitter’s trending list. However, it’s unclear if she genuinely has such a video.

According to the trending screenshot discussion, the person who claimed to have recordings of Wendy Williams, Lori Harvey, and Rihanna also claimed to have already seen the video of Lori Harvey.

Because of her numerous links to well-known celebrities and her aptitude for igniting controversy on social media, she has amassed a fan base that is equivalent to that of many actual entertainers.

Since Harvey has established a solid reputation for herself, many people were not surprised to learn that a private tape of her was being auctioned on Thursday afternoon.

Twitter users are discussing Lori Harvey. On Thursday, August 18, after allegations of her purported sex tape surfaced, the model daughter of comedian Steve Harvey became a trend on the blue bird app.

Some users allegedly saw the aforementioned clip. Others, though, were frantically hunting for the proof. “My computer was about to crash because I found 17 viruses searching for the Lori Harvey link. Please put down your games. Is it true or false? “One individual disputed.

Another concurred, saying, “In my effort to locate that Lori Harvey tape, I have downloaded 42 malware. Give me a link, please.” Added a third, “Link to Lori Harvey I’ll head home because I have PTO.” Another said, “When you get the Lori Lightfoot sex tape instead of Lori Harvey,” in the meanwhile.

After someone posted a screenshot of a text message that said, “I have 3 recordings Lori Harvey, Rihanna, and Wendy Williams…i’ll show u Lori 1st,” rumours started to circulate.

The user also included a screenshot and said, “A Lori Harvey sex tape is being sold. Only because I personally witnessed it, Lori, did I say she.” The user also said, “I hadn’t yet noticed the other two. I will update you. And I won’t post them, either.”

According to Pop Sugar, the owner of a cosmetic company also expressed gratitude for her family and friends, particularly her incredible father Steve Harvey, who has always supported her. I’m surrounded by a terrific support system, she said. The assistance she received from her family and friends, according to Lori, helped her understand the value of independence and the truth that “you’re good whatever. However everything shakes out, you’re going to be alright.”

Lori Harvey’s Private Video Leaked Online

Just a few months after Lori and Michael B. Jordan’s breakup, the sex tape accusations started to circulate. The now-ex-couples had been dating for over a year. The two have deleted any references to one another from their Instagram sites since their breakup.

Although neither of them spoke about the breakup, Lori’s father Steve chimed in, noting that while Michael is a “nice man,” he is “team Lori, 100%.” The comedian additionally revealed in the episode of on June 6 “”Look, as long as everyone can go in peace, be friends,” Steve Harvey said on his morning show. I haven’t heard anyone claim to have broken any windows or anything. I don’t give a damn what you do as long as you don’t touch my daughter.”

According to Page Six, a source said that after the pair split up in June 2022, “Michael and Lori are both extremely upset,” adding that “They still love each other.” They had fun together and brought out the best in one other, the source stated, “Michael grew a lot over the course of their relationship and was ready to commit for the long run.”

Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan Relationship

In addition to Michael, Lori has dated other famous people in the past. She had previously been connected to Lewis Hamilton, Future, Trey Songz, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and his son Justin. Prior to Lori, Michael dated a few other members of the business, including actress Kiki Layne, model Cindy Bruna, and YouTuber Catherine Paiz.

Lori Harvey Sex Tape: Private Video Of Lori Harvey Goes Viral on Online
Lori Harvey Sex Tape: Private Video Of Lori Harvey Goes Viral on Online

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