Leeds Festival death: What happened to David Celino at Leeds Festival on Sunday morning?

Leeds Festival death: What happened to David Celino at Leeds Festival on Sunday morning?

The family of a little kid who passed away during Leeds Festival described him as a “beautiful, fiercely independent, and kind guy.”

After becoming ill at the festival the previous evening, 16-year-old David Celino from Worsley in Greater Manchester passed away in the hospital on Sunday morning.

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David Celino died in Sunday morning at Leeds Festival

David Celino died in Sunday morning at Leeds Festival

It was previously reported by West Yorkshire Police that they suspected he had used a specific variety of ecstasy.
His death is still under investigation, according to the police.

His family paid tribute to him, saying: “Our David was a lovely, fiercely independent, and kind guy who lived every day to the fullest and loved to spend time listening to music with his friends.

Police are looking into whether David Celino’s early Sunday morning death may have been related to a certain kind of ecstasy tablet, which they described as having a “oblong, grey or black shape.”

David Celino cause of death

The first image of a teenage boy who passed away after attending Leeds Festival over the weekend has been released, leaving behind his “fallen” family.

16-year-old David Celino passed away early on Sunday after being rushed to the hospital the previous evening due to illness.

The “highlight of his summer,” seeing some of the excellent musicians on exhibit at the eagerly awaited Leeds Festival, had just occurred to David after receiving his GCSE results.

The death of the adolescent is being investigated by West Yorkshire Police, who suggested yesterday that drugs may have been a factor.

It might be a form of MDMA that was being sold at the festival, according to some reports.

Family tribute to David Celino

Since then, David’s family has praised their “beautiful, fiercely independent, and warm” son, according to LeedsLive.

According to a family representative, “our David was a lovely, fiercely independent and warm character who lived every day to the fullest and who loved to spend time enjoying music with his friends.”

He recently achieved excellent GCSE results, was accepted into college, and intended to pursue a degree in computer technology at a prestigious institution.

His summer was made memorable by the Leeds Festival, which ultimately led to his unjust, heinous, and horrific death. We are devastated.

Catherine Hankinson’s statements regarding Leeds Festival death

West Yorkshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson stated on Sunday that her department’s officers were there to support the boy’s family through this difficult time.

While the precise cause of his death has not yet been determined, one line of inquiry is that he may have consumed a specific kind of ecstasy (MDMA) tablet, which was described as having an oblong form and being grey or black.

Since we haven’t heard of any other reports like this one, we currently believe that this was an isolated incidence.

“Users of any drug that is not medically prescribed by a doctor can never be certain of the medication’s ingredients or the hazards associated with using it. Anyone who feels sick after using any substance should get help right away.

Melvin Benn statements regarding David Celino’s death

In a statement, Mr. Benn said: “We are deeply grieved by this tragedy, and at this time, our sympathies are with the family.

“We treat all complaints of events where drug use is suspected seriously, and we work closely with West Yorkshire Police to support their investigation.

“The safety and wellness of every festival-goer is always our top priority, and we want to remind everyone that there is no safe way to use illegal substances or any illegal substances in general.”

Police are investigating on David Celino’s death at Leeds Festival

Police are investigating on David Celino's death at Leeds Festival

The managing director of Festival Republic, Melvin Benn, who annually oversees the Reading and Leeds festivals, claimed in March that Leeds City Council had not provided him with “sufficient support” and that as a result, “without rigorous testing, customers don’t know what they are getting.”

When questioned at the time, Leeds City Council said that no official application had been submitted by the organisers but that Festival Republic and an organisation that provides advice on public event safety had spoken.

The death is being investigated by West Yorkshire Police, and authorities are helping David’s family.

The force announced on Sunday that it had opened an inquiry into a fatality that was allegedly caused by narcotics.

Around 10.16 p.m. on Saturday, after the teen had been brought to the event’s medical tent, police were summoned.

He was rushed to the hospital, where he passed away early on Sunday.

Leads festival already mention about ecstasy deaths on its website.

Ecstasy deaths are discussed in a section of the Leeds festival website. “In 2005, each pill had about 80 milligrammes of MDMA,” it reads. Some recently tested pills had up to 250mg of MDMA.

This may fall squarely within the overdosing threshold.

“A number of variables, including body weight, hormone levels, combining with other medicines, including alcohol, underlying health, and others, are in play. No dose is considered safe.

The cause of his death is under police inquiry, however it is thought to have been a singular incidence.

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