Kyra Hill tragically died at water park: Cause of death & What happened exactly during  friend’s birthday party?

A young girl’s heartbroken classmates have paid homage to their “lovely and compassionate” friend who “loved to make people happy.” The young girl Kyra Hill died at a water park.

Who was Kyra Hill?

Kyra Hill, 11, was apparently participating in a large inflatable assault course at Liquid Leisure Windsor in Datchet, Berks, with about ten friends when she disappeared below the water.

The schoolgirl’s classmates paid tribute to their “lovely” classmate who “loved to make people happy” after she drowned at a water park.

On Saturday, Kyra Hill, 11, vanished while participating in a birthday celebration on an assault course similar to Total Wipeout.

One 12-year-old who participated in the schoolgirl’s football game told the Mail Online: “Kyra was really generous.

“She excelled in every one of our subjects and was quite intelligent.

She cared about people and enjoyed making them smile.

What happened exactly to Kyra Hill during  friend’s birthday?

Kyra Hill, 11, sadly perished after going missing on an assault course similar to Total Wipeout. After the young girl’s untimely demise, the staff members wept and laid flowers. While attending a friend’s birthday celebration at Liquid Leisure Windsor, she passed away.

Flowers were laid in memory of the child after the incident. On-site emergency services in Berkshire.

She failed to return to the changing area, causing a commotion as parents and staff members searched desperately for her.

As the lifeguards searched beneath the inflatables, some 40 adults dove into the lake while wearing goggles borrowed from the visitors.

Emergency services were called at 3.55 PM, but Kyra wasn’t located until 5.10 PM, by which time it was too late to save her.

‘Kyra was such a sweet girl’

Kyra allegedly played for Croydon’s Coombe Wood School.

A mother of one of her other classmates started crying and gushed, “She was such a sweet girl.”

It is understood that before inviting her daughter’s pals to Liquid Leisure for her birthday, the girl’s mother made sure they could all swim.

The waterpark also claims to supply life jackets for inflatables and to confirm everyone’s swimming abilities before letting them enter the water.

However, parents have expressed their displeasure with the “death trap” water park where a young girl tragically perished a year earlier.

Parents had expressed their concerns about the park’s safety back in 2021, and the local council tried to get it closed down months earlier.

One mother described how, “nearly a year to the day” before the incident on Saturday, her daughter became wedged head-down in the water between two inflatables.

Mum-of-two “I’m confident she would have drowned if me and my husband weren’t watching,” Melissa Henson told MailOnline.

It’s a death trap – Liquid Leisure

We reported it to management, who expressed regret and provided us a voucher to return.

Danny, a different dad who recently went to Liquid Leisure, claims he had prophesied someone would pass away at the park.

It’s a death trap, the 47-year-old stated. I told myself, “Someone’s going to die here.”

Lifeguards don’t have basic training 

The park sits under the Heathrow flight path, so the lifeguards don’t even have the bare minimum of training, and you can’t even hear the safety procedures.

A development dispute with the municipality caused the aqua park’s managers to express their “great worry” that it would have to close earlier this year.

In December 2020, the park received an enforcement notice asking them to close the “aqua theme park.”

The planning inspectorate was scheduled to conduct a four-day investigation into this decision in March of this year, but this was postponed after the inspector discovered Covid.

cause of death of  Kyra

“My cousin works at the park,” the owner of a nearby store stated. She indicated there will be an examination once they appealed the decision.

“Bosses were really concerned, but it wasn’t closed since the dates were changed and the inspector got Covid.

She declared that it would be shut down immediately.

The girl, identified by witnesses as Kyra, was scheduled to participate in the Total Wipeout-style event with about ten pals on Saturday at 3 p.m.

But as the mother of one of the kids started yelling her name at around 3.40 p.m., the fun turned into “total mayhem.”

Lifeguards rushed about requesting visitors’ goggles because they didn’t appear to have any diving gear to look underneath the inflatables.

Last minutes of Kyra 

About 40 adults dove in and started desperately looking for the kid.

Among the guests that day was a 32-year-old mother who observed: “There didn’t seem to be a single adult in charge.

“It was terrible. Because he didn’t want to get his trainers wet, one of the lifeguards claimed he didn’t want to enter the water. Some people screamed for goggles.

Two hours later, Kyra was located and rushed to Wexham Park Hospital, but she was too late to be rescued.

Kyra Hill tragically died at water park: Cause of death & What happened exactly during  friend's birthday party?
Kyra Hill tragically died at water park: Cause of death & What happened exactly during  friend’s birthday party?

The young girl was spotted going under the water and “didn’t come back up,” according to another witness who was at the park with her children, who spoke to Sky News.

The mother, who wished to remain unnamed, said: “The lifeguards then started to run.

“She attended a girl’s birthday party with some friends.

The birthday group heard from my daughter.

swift response from all emergency services

Visitors to the park have recalled being asked to call the girl’s name on the beach in case she emerged from the sea.

As police and firefighters searched for the child, two helicopters flew overhead.

“My sympathies are with the family and friends of the girl who has died as a result of this awful tragedy,” local policing area commander Supt. Michael Greenwood said.

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“We are just starting our investigation into this occurrence to fully grasp the circumstances.

After a thorough search of the lake and a quick response from all emergency services, the 11-year-old girl was discovered at around 5.10 p.m. and transferred to the hospital, where she tragically passed away.

Police officers expressed their condolences for kyra death

“This has been a very stressful and upsetting situation for those involved,” he continued.

“I know that a few bystanders went into the water quickly after the girl got into trouble, but they were unable to find her.

“I want to congratulate them on their bravery and courage.

I would respectfully request that their privacy be observed during this terribly difficult and upsetting time for the girl’s family and friends. “My profound condolences are with the girl’s family and friends.”

A variety of water sports, such as wakeboarding, boating, and open water swimming, are available at Liquid Leisure.

Flowers were left outside the aquapark yesterday by mourning lifeguards and well-wishers as it was closed for a Thames Valley Police investigation.

To a lovely young girl, from the “Evans family,” read one card.

“I hope you realise how desperately we all tried to save you. Simply put, you were too attractive for this planet.

You are and always will be the night sky’s brightest star.

Kyra’s death, which is being considered as unexplained, is currently being looked into by the police.

In a Facebook message, the attraction announced that it will be closed on Sunday.

It said, “Our sympathies and thoughts are with the family, friends, and everyone affected by this terribly unfortunate and upsetting tragedy.”

“It would not be appropriate for us to add further comment at this time as Thames Valley Police are just beginning their investigation, but we will continue to fully support and help them throughout the process,” the statement reads.

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