KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda Live fight stream: KSI wins with absolute ease

KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda Live: Highlights, Undercard results & Fight Time

KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda Live: At London’s O2 Arena tonight, KSI is back in the ring in an attempt to accomplish the remarkable accomplishment of winning two fights on the same card. All eyes will be on the YouTube sensation and artist when he first battles fellow rapper Swarmz, who came in at the last minute after Alex Wassabi’s initial opponent suffered a concussion.

The next opponent for KSI will be professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda, a Mexican with a 2-5 record through his first seven matches. Both fights are being held at cruiserweight and will only last three rounds each. KSI wants to make a powerful statement in front of a sold-out O2 Arena audience and supporters from his native London.

He hasn’t fought since defeating Logan Paul on his professional debut in Los Angeles in November 2019, defeating Joe Weller in his first bout and drawing with the same opponent before that. As his verbal battle with the former continues, KSI plans to engage in large-scale bouts in the future against opponents like Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.

On Saturday’s DAZN: X Series event, Deji, the brother of KSI, will square off against American YouTuber Fousey in another crossover match.

Table of Contents

Boxing schedule and results

  • Luis Alcaraz Pineda versus KSI
  • Slim Albaher versus Faze Tempter
  • Fousey versus Deji
  • King Kenny versus Faze Sensei
  • Andy Warski versus Salt Papi
  • IAMTHMPSN vs. Sam Hyde
  • Deen The Great: Hero Against Evil
  • Swarmz vs. KSI

KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda Live Highlights

Today, 3.34 – @LoganPaul speaks on @KSI ‘s victory


Today, 3.22 KSI vs Luis Pineda round 3

Three: It’s finished!

After another knockdown in the third, KSI wins with ease.

Today, 3.14 KSI vs Luis Pineda

Round 2: The “professional fighter” did some really embarrassing things. Even KSI seems uninspired.

Today, 3.14 KSI vs Luis Pineda

Round 1: A big declaration of intent is made by KSI knocking down Pineda!

Shot did not count, though, as it struck Hi’s head in the back. Until KSI does so once more, that is.

Round 1: KSI was quite powerful, but there will be another round.

Round 2: The Mexican has been suffering from the preceding round’s vicious body punches.

Today, 3.11 THIS @KSI ring walk


Today, 3.06 Luis Alcaraz Pineda vs KSI

The ring walks are now happening.

Let’s begin!

Today, 2.59 – KSI let’s go

Today, 2.54 – Logan Paul on a possible KSI-Jake Paul matchup

Logan Paul on a possible KSI-Jake Paul matchup

“It must take place.”

To DAZN, Chris Eubank Jr.
“Not a single bout has disappointed me.”

Today, 2.37 – LoganPaul reacts to that STUNNING

Today, 2.37 – Slim got a KO against Temperr

Today, 2.37 – Faze Temperr vs Slim Albaher

Round 1: A true inside brawl that lacked technique but lacked nothing in spirit.

Round 2: Slim lands a HUGE right hand, one of his now-famous punches, and Temperr is on the ground!

Albaher prevails by KO to end the match.

Today, 2.36 – RING WALK GOALS

Today, 2.27 – Faze Tempter vs Slim Albaher

A few intriguing ring walks are up ahead, with Slim Albaher leading the way.

Today, 2.18 – Deji on the mic

Today, 2.16 – Deji wins

Today, 2.13 – LoganPaul IS STOKED

Today, 2.11 – Deji vs Fousey

Deji wins this round for the first time in his career!

After being thoroughly outmatched, Fousey’s corner quit.

Today, 2.08 – Deji vs Fousey


A strong right hand knocks down Fousey.

Today, 2.04 – Deji vs Fousey

The Brit easily won the first round with some competent boxing from range, and the crowd was going crazy for him.

Round 1: Deji delivered HUGE right hands!

Today, 2.02 – Deji vs Fousey

Round 1 is now underway.

Today, 2.01 – Deji vs Fousey

Today, 1.51 King Kenny VS Faze Sensei

Today, 1.46 King Kenny VS Faze Sensei Round 4


Kenny manages to make the choice! The DAZN staff is utterly stunned.

Today, 1.45 King Kenny VS Faze Sensei Round 4

Kenny declares battle to end it!

Despite struggling after the bell, Sensei was almost guaranteed to win the decision, therefore it wasn’t enough.

Today, 1.39 King Kenny VS Faze Sensei Round 3

Round 3: Kenny is injured! After taking a strong right hand, he is able to maintain his grip on the ropes, and this time there is no count.

Such bravery from Kenny, but he’s up against a formidable opponent in Sensei.

Today, 1.36 King Kenny VS Faze Sensei Round 2

Round 2: There isn’t much of a difference here, but if Kenny wants to win over the judges, he’ll have to come up with something in the third round.

TODAY, 01.33King Kenny VS Faze Sensei will follow

The first round has already been counted! Kenny has an opportunity to rebound after Sensei knocks him down early.

Kenny makes a good recovery, but perhaps the referee moved a little too quickly.

TODAY, 20:14Sam Hyde vs IAMTHMPSN is up next!

With more than 500 pounds separating them, the next one is a mystery, but we are confident it will be interesting regardless.

Sam Hyde is naturally charismatic.

TODAY, 20:10 – The great Deen!

Deen with a CLEAN victory But the shot to his forehead was the most painful so far that night.

Wow, in that fight he nearly boxed like a pro.

Deen the Great showed great skill with that.

While Evil Hero put up a decent fight, especially early on, he concluded his business early in the first round, making it really no contest.

KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda Live

As far as YouTube boxing goes, Eubank JR declared himself “Impressed” and said, “That is as good as you are going to see.”

TODAY, 20:00 – Evil Hero versus Deen the Great will follow.

The boxers are in the ring and prepared to begin this one, titled Tale of the Tape, which will start at any moment.

TODAY, 19:52 – Talking with True Geordie is KSI.

He was doing twirly spin arounds and stuff… and now I’m ready for the next one

TODAY, 20:00KSI won

Fans are still in disbelief. Between rounds, KSI performed press-ups and attempted a KO.

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KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda fight timings

The match between KSI and Swarmz and Pineda will take place this evening, Sunday, August 27.

KSI and Swarmz are expected to fight at 7:10 p.m. BST, followed by Pineda’s bout at about 10 p.m. BST to wrap up the evening.

Venue: London’s O2 Arena.

The section below has the fight times for various nations.

London, England7 p.m. Saturday
California, USA11:00 am Saturday
Middle East10 pm Saturday
India11:30 pm Saturday
Australia4:00 am Sunday
UAE10:00 pm Saturday
Canada2:00 pm Saturday
Singapore2:00 am Sunday
Ireland7:00 pm Saturday
Belgium8:00 pm Saturday
Bangladesh12:00 am Sunday
Denmark8:00 pm Saturday
Egypt8:00 pm Saturday
Finland9:00 pm Saturday
Germany8:00 pm Saturday
Hong Kong2:00 am Sunday
Jordan9:00 pm Saturday
Saudi Arabia9:00 pm Saturday
Kuwait9:00 pm Saturday
Lebanon9:00 pm Saturday
Malaysia2:00 am Sunday
Nepal11:45 pm Saturday
New Zealand6:00 am Sunday
Pakistan11:00 pm Saturday
Philippines2:00 am Sunday
Thailand1:00 am Sunday
Turkey9:00 pm Saturday

How to watch KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda online?

DAZN PPV subscribers will have access to live coverage of KSI vs. Swarmz and Pineda.

How to watch KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda online?
How to watch KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda online?

The PPV is priced at Β£11.99. This is in addition to the Β£7.99 DAZN membership.

DAZN may be accessed via the DAZN.com website or their app in all countries with the exception of Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.

KSI undercard fights

At tonight’s thrilling event in London, YOUTUBE superstar KSI will square off against TWO opponents in the ring.

In addition, his brother Deji will fight prankster Fousey in the undercard matchup in an effort to win his first fight.

Meanwhile, KSI reportedly turned down offers worth $150 million to return to boxing, according to his manager Mams Taylor.

Taylor believes that we have achieved a really great balance because he is his own individual. “When he is boxing, in the recording studio, or performing live, he is ecstatic. Since happiness is the main goal in life, go after the things that make you happy. If I told you guys how many proposals we’ve completely rejected, it would be much over $150 million.

You respond, “That’s okay. From personal experience, I can tell you that no amount of money is worth letting go of your happiness.

  • Luis Alcaraz Pineda versus KSI
  • TBA vs Faze Temper
  • Faze Sensei versus King Kenny
  • Fousey versus Deji
  • IAMTHMPSN vs. Sam Hyde
  • Andy Warski versus Salt Papi
  • Deen the Great: Hero Against Evil
  • Swarmz vs. KSI

Ring walks timings

Tonight, KSI will face Swarmz to open his OWN programme at 7:10 p.m. UK time. The main fight will then begin at 10:00 with KSI making a comeback to take on Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

At the o2 Arena in London, each fight has three rounds that each last three minutes. The time allotted for the boxers’ ring walks could be less than or greater than 30 minutes.

KSI vs. Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda Betting & Odds analysis

KSI vs. Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda Betting & Odds analysis
KSI vs. Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda Betting & Odds analysis

KSI should knock off boxing newbies in the first round. Pineda, a professional with a dismal track record, should certainly present him with more challenges, but after his two easy triumphs on Saturday, it’s difficult to back the Londoner.

Results of the KSI and Pineda vs. Swarmz weigh-in

After a boisterous weigh-in that included a run-in with a long-time rival named Weller, KSI’s weight on Friday was 180 pounds. He appeared to be in excellent health. Swarmz, who agreed to the fight with two weeks’ notice, was nearly 20 pounds heavier and slightly under the cruiserweight limit at 199 pounds when the fight started than Pineda, who weighed 179 pounds at the start.

Swarmz vs KSI odds

As of August 24th, the following are the BetOnline.ag odds for the boxing match between KSI and Swarmz:

The odds


KSI is a huge favourite with odds of -1800. According to these chances, KSI has a 94.7% chance of triumphing in the conflict. Swarmz has a 10% chance of winning the competition as a +900 underdog. 4.7% more is in the juice.

KSI VS  Luis Alcaraz Pineda Odds

These are the odds for the boxing match between KSI and Luis Pineda from BetOnline.ag (odds take on August 24th). The Saturday night show will begin with this match.

Luis Pineda300

These odds indicate that KSI will win the first match of the evening 80% of the time. Luis Pineda, a +300 underdog, has a 25% chance of winning the game. The extra 5% comes from the juice.

Who is Brandon Scott, aka Swarmz?

Jake Paul, KSI’s longtime foe, offered to fight, but KSI declined, saying he would rather face Swarmz, actual name Brandon Scott, who is 25 years old. Swarmz is familiar with KSI despite never having participated in combat because of their mutual love of music. In the Swarmz song Houdini, they both made an appearance.

Swarmz was a gifted football player when he was younger. After spending time in the Fulham academy, he briefly played in the non-league before giving up the sport to concentrate on his music career. Despite having a million Instagram followers, he hasn’t commented on the brawl.

Swarmz is making his professional debut here. He has no prior experience boxing.

Luis Alcaraz Pineda, who is he?

MEXICAN The second of KSI’s two boxing opponents on Saturday night will be Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

In 2017, Pineda made his professional debut. He lost his first match before going on to win two more. His record right now is 2-5.

He will face 25-year-old rapper Swarmz, actual name Brandon Scott, in the first match of the DAZN pay-per-view event at the O2. After that, he will compete against the recently recruited, 23-year-old Pineda, who is an unknown opponent.

As soon as KSI unveiled Jake Paul’s new opponent, he immediately sent out a tweet, which he later deleted for an unspecified reason.

Jake wrote in a tweet:

The latest tomato can make his debut 143lbs. The fans deserve better

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