KSI replaces opponent Ivan Nikolov: Luis Alcarez Pineda will be the new opponent, What happened? Explained.

On August 27, KSI will now face rapper Swarmz and Mexican professional boxer Luis Alcarez Pineda in his “Two Fights One Night” event.

The British social media star had originally announced Bulgarian pro boxer Ivan Nikolov as his opponent for the show, but he was replaced after a viral controversy erupted over his tattoos.

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KSI replaces opponent Ivan Nikolov

Following criticism for a “white power” tattoo on Ivan Nikolov’s abdomen, KSI announced his replacement opponent for the ‘2 fights in 1 night’ PPV event.

On August 27, KSI was scheduled to face up-and-coming influencer boxer Alex Wassabi in a pay-per-view event. Wassabi, on the other hand, was forced to find a new opponent after allegedly suffering a concussion.

In response to Jake Paul’s challenge, KSI announced he would face UK-based rapper Swarmz. Fans were expecting a lacklustre fight before he announced he would be competing in two fights on the same night.

Following his fight with Swarmz, KSI was scheduled to face pro boxer Ivan Nikolov. However, after fans discovered a large “white power” tattoo stretching across Nikolov’s stomach, KSI dropped the pro boxer from his card.

KSI announced a replacement fighter, Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

KSI was not going to back down from the ‘two fights in one-night’ challenge, even though Nikolov was no longer a part of the event. He announced on Twitter on August 20 that his new second opponent will be Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

Who is Luis Alcaraz Pineda?

Pineda is a Mexican boxer who competes in the Super Lightweight division. He’s fought seven times since 2017 and has a 2-5 record. Coming off four straight losses, the most recent in March of this year, and weighing significantly less, he is a huge underdog.

What exactly happened in the controversy?

Nikolov has a ‘white power’ tattoo across his stomach, as well as other symbols with far-right connotations inked on his body.

This sparked outrage on the internet, and he was quickly replaced.

KSI announced Pineda as his new second opponent for August 27 on Saturday.

Following the announcement, the Brit posted a video to his YouTube channel titled: I Replaced My 2nd Opponent Because…

KSI then responded to the question at the beginning of the video, saying, “He’s a white supremacist.”

“Ivan is no longer my opponent. He was kicked out.
In addition, the matchmaker was fired for allowing this to happen in the first place.

“However, my new adversary is Luis Alcarez Pineda.”

“To be honest, he has a better record, 2-5, so he hasn’t lost as many games as Ivan.”

“He’s Mexican and 23 years old.”

At the end of the day, KSI (currently 1-0) will still be aiming for a 3-0 victory next Saturday.

Since the event was announced earlier this year, KSI’s card has undergone significant changes. But, with a week until the fights, he’s committed to fighting two opponents on the same night.

Was KSI right to change his opponent?

“I have no racial-related criminal record or involvement with the police. I understand how the tattoo could be misinterpreted, but I vehemently reject any other meaning it could have besides representing my strength as a competitor.”

However, a previous opponent, Daniel Blenda Dos Santos, took issue with his tattoos when the two fought last April. Dos Santos said after winning by first-round knockout: “I wanted to hurt him when I saw his tattoos, some of which were racist in nature. I’m not disappointed that we had [a brief fight].”

Statements by Ivan Nikolov

KSI replaces opponent Ivan Nikolov: Luis Alcarez Pineda will be the new opponent, What happened? Explained.
KSI replaces opponent Ivan Nikolov: Luis Alcarez Pineda will be the new opponent, What happened? Explained.

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Nikolov did respond on social media, saying, “I have seen recent news regarding a tattoo referring to ‘white power.'” This has nothing to do with an outmoded viewpoint and simply refers to my own belief in my own strength and power as an athlete.

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