Jeremy Buckingham’s son committed suicide: What happened to Eden? Explained

The son of Jeremy Buckingham, a former Australian politician, tragically committed suicide after telling his parents that he had “suffered possibly the most terrible torture” from a relative.

Jeremy Buckingham’s son Eden committed suicide

A day after learning a disturbing fact, Jeremy Buckingham, a former Greens politician, shared a heartfelt tribute to his son Eden. Eden tragically committed suicide.

The bereaved father and former Greens social gathering participant broke the devastating news that his “beautiful golden boy,” Eden, had passed away on Facebook on Friday afternoon.

Mr. Buckingham characterised his 23-year-old son as a gentle and shrewd warrior who had battled mental health issues since he was very young.

Eden Buckingham, 23, a former member of the Greens, committed suicide one day after confessing to being assaulted by a family member.

Police issued a missing persons alert for Eden earlier this week due to serious worries for his welfare.

The body of a young guy was found Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. in the NSW town of Bellingen, which is situated on the mid-north coast.

Jeremy Buckingham tribute to his son Eden death

The grieving father characterised his son, Eden, in the photo, as a sensitive and shrewd warrior who had defeated addiction.

“These are the most difficult, unbearable phrases,” Writer Mr. Buckingham

Eden, my sweet, golden boy, is no more. I adore him and find it impossible to fathom living without him. Tragically, he committed suicide on Monday.

His friends and family were aware of his battle, that his mental health had been problematic since a very young age, but Eden fought valiantly — he was a gentle, wise warrior.

According to Mr. Buckingham, his son, who had overcome dependency and was making plans for the future with his best friends and sibling, couldn’t live with the shame and guilt of claimed abuse from a cousin.

Thousands of sympathising and encouraging comments poured upon Mr. Buckingham’s post.

Nobody should ever have to bury their child, says the parent. So sad for your family’s tragic loss and the suffering your son must have been experiencing, one user said.

Another person said, “I can’t think of anything more awful than to lose your child, particularly in these circumstances.

“What shockingly upsetting news. You and your family have my condolences, Jeremy. Wishing you comfort in your time of sadness is what another Facebook user commented.

What happened to Eden?

The grieving father and former Greens social gathering participant posted on Facebook on Friday the terrible news that his “beautiful golden boy,” Eden, had passed away.

A day after telling his parents that he had been abused by a relative, Eden committed suicide.

“Eden could not accept his reality, telling us the day before he died that he had endured the most heinous torture from a relative,” Writer Mr. Buckingham

“His faith, his hope, and his belief have all been destroyed.” He was unable to live with his major shame and guilt as well as the exposed reality.

According to a police spokeswoman, “Coffs/Clarence Police District officers began inquiries to discover a person last seen at a residence in Bellingen on Monday.”

Following thorough investigations, a person’s body was discovered yesterday at 4 p.m. in Bellingen not far from a wandering observer.

“A report can be ready for the coroner’s data.”

Mr Buckingham (proper) thanked NSW police

Thanking the NSW police and State Emergency Providers, Mr. Buckingham (proper) promised to seek justice for his “beautiful golden kid.”

Jeremy Buckingham’s son committed suicide: What happened to Eden? Explained
Jeremy Buckingham’s son committed suicide: What happened to Eden? Explained

The former lawmaker promised to bring the abuser of his kid to justice and expressed gratitude to the NSW Police and State Emergency Providers for looking after Eden.

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According to Mr. Buckingham, he will think about his “beautiful kid” every day and can see him again “on the long desk in Valhalla,” a magical passage in Norse mythology where individuals who have died and are considered worthy stay with Gods.

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