In a heated argument with a neighbour, Terrell Owens said, “I could have died.”

Following up on his argument with a neighbour, Terrell Owens offered a sober analysis of the circumstance.

Owens admitted to TMZ Sports, “I might have died.

Terrell Owens on argument with neighbor

The cops were called after a verbal altercation between the Hall of Fame wide receiver and a neighbour close to his Florida home this week. Following reports that Owens was driving too fast close to her house, the woman can be heard on tape saying, “You’re a black man approaching a white woman.”

“If the incorrect kind of cops arrived, if they received the incorrect information. You watched the footage of her crying; you never know how things might have developed, Owens remarked.

The 48-year-old 15-year NFL veteran Owens said he feared about his safety but added that the police brought everything under control once they arrived.

The plot would have been completely different if I had perished, admitted Owens.

Owens said he is optimistic. The investigation will be conducted by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. According to TMZ, the incident started when the woman called the police to report that a football player nearly hit her with his car.

He stated, “I believe there ought to be some repercussions for her behaviour. “You simply can’t say things like that out loud, go about your daily business, and believe you’ve gotten away with it. People will observe and record this because they’re going to be thereā€¦ Furthermore, if they believe she got away with it, someone else will believe they can follow suit.”

Terrell Owens wants the neighbour to face legal consequences

He continued by saying that he wants the neighbour to face legal consequences.

Owens expressed his hope that residents of Florida were keeping an eye on events. “I’m hoping maybe [Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody] can get on this and see what can be done because like I said this could’ve turned really, really bad and like I said, this could’ve been a situation where you guys may not have been talking to me live here today, but were talking about me in another way,” the speaker said.

In a heated argument with a neighbour, Terrell Owens said, "I could have died."
In a heated argument with a neighbour, Terrell Owens said, “I could have died.”

Following the altercation on Wednesday, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office informed TMZ that the responding officer had separated Owens and his neighbour, and no charges had been made.

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The San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals were among the teams that Owens played for throughout his 15 seasons in the NFL. As a member of the 2018 class, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The 48-year-old native of Alabama most recently competed for the Knights of Degen in the Fan Controlled Football league earlier this year. He has indicated an interest in playing for the Cowboys once again in the NFL.

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