How did Yoichi Sai die? South Korean film director cause of death Explained

How did Yoichi Sai die? South Korean film director cause of death Explained

Director Yoichi Sai of the 1990 Japanese film “All Under the Moon” passes away. In this article we have shared How did he die? and what was his cause of death? in detail.

How did Yoichi Sai die?

Yoichi Sai, a director most known for portraying the lives of Koreans living in Japan realistically in the movies “All Under the Moon” from 1993 and “Blood and Bones” from 2004, passed away on Sunday from bladder cancer at his home in Tokyo, according to his family. He was 73.

伊藤雅彦 confirmed the passing of Yoichi Sai on his twitter account. no further details were given. the message reads,

Yoichi Sai (1949-2022). He was a filmmaker and student of Nagisa Oshima, and a comrade of Yusaku Matsuda and Takeshi Kitano. “Taboo “(2000) was produced with the support of Yoichi Sai, Takeshi Kitano, and Yusuke Narita. “Taboo” is a masterpiece of political film set in Japan.

Yoichi Sai cause of death

On November 26, 2022, Sai passed away from bladder cancer at his Tokyo home.

However, it appears that little can be spoken at this moment until the family issues a formal statement regarding the situation. As always, once this news is verified, we will look into it and notify you.

We must thus wait till the family members have had the time and space to absorb this enormous loss.

Once we get enough data, we will update the page. Soon, further details regarding Yoichi Sai’s cause of death will be added.

Who was Yoichi Sai?

Film director Yichi Sai (Sai Yichi, 6 July 1949 – 27 November 2022) was from South Korea. He served as the Directors Guild of Japan’s president.


On November 27, 2022, Sai was born in Japan’s Nagano Prefecture. His father, Zainichi, is Korean, and his mother is Japanese.

The 11th Yokohama Film Festival presented Sai with the Best Screenplay prize for A Sign Days.

He produced The Pig’s Retribution in 1999, a movie based on Eiki Matayoshi’s 1996 novel of the same name, which won the Akutagawa Prize and was set in the beautiful natural surroundings of Okinawa. In 1999, the movie took home the Don Quixote award from the Locarno International Film Festival.

Blood and Bones, a movie starring Takeshi Kitano, was directed by Sai. Additionally, he has helmed movies like Marks, Doing Time, Quill, Soo, and Kamui Gaiden.

Sai made his acting debut in the 1999 movie Taboo by Nagisa Oshima and in the 2003 movie The Thirteen Steps by Masahiko Nagasawa.

Four Japanese Academy Awards were given to Sai’s Blood and Bones in 2004, two of which were for Best Director and Best Screenplay. For All Under the Moon, he had already received two nominations in the same categories.

On November 26, 2022, Sai passed away from bladder cancer in his Tokyo residence.

Films as director

  • Mosquito on the 10th Floor
  • Let Him Rest in Peace
  • Someone Will Be Killed
  • Sex Crime
  • Hana no Asuka-gumi!
  • A Sign Days
  • All Under the Moon
  • Kuroi Doresu no Onna

Yoichi Sai acted movies

  • The Thirteen Steps
  • Taboo

Tribute to Yoichi Sai

Lupin the Third said,

Just in. A Japanese film director Mr. Yoichi Sai (73) died of bladder cancer. My deepest condolences

Thoton Akimoto said,

Late Yoichi Sai also directed this great movie in 1983: Jikkai no Mosukito (lit. Mosquito on the Tenth Floor), which I went to see at a theater and liked. R.I.P.

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