How Did Writer and editor Stan Dragland Die? cause of death explained

At age 79, author and editor Stan Dragland passed away.

How Did Writer and editor Stan Dragland Die?

Stan Dragland was a writer, editor, and literary critic who was instrumental in founding one of Canada’s few poetry-only publishers.

In 2021, Dragland received the Order of Canada. On August 2, 2022, Dragland died while out hiking.

Stan Dragland cause of death

Dragland was a founding editor of the literary journal Brick and co-founded the Brick Books publishing company in Ontario in 1975.

Dragland died on August 2 in Trinity, Newfoundland, of a sudden cardiac arrest, according to publisher of Brick Books Alayna Munce. He was 79.

Stan Dragland biography

Dragland, an Alberta native, wrote a number of works that frequently crossed the borders between poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and literary criticism, such as the 2005 collection of prose poems called “Stormy Weather: Foursomes” and the 1979 novel “Peckertracks: a Chronicle.”

In the middle of the 1990s, he also served as the poetry editor at McClelland & Stewart, where he collaborated with some of Canada’s best writers. He also lectured at schools like Western University and the Banff Centre.

Munce recalled Dragland as a “extraordinary editor” and kind mentor whose devotion to Canadian literature went far beyond the printed word.

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Stan Dragland career

His debut book, Peckertracks, made the Books in Canada First Novel Award shortlist of finalists. For his autobiography Apocrypha: Further Journeys, he received the Newfoundland and Labrador Rogers Cable Non-Fiction Award in 2005. For his poetry collection Stormy Weather: Foursomes, he placed on the short list for the E. J. Pratt Poetry Award in 2007.

How Did Writer and editor Stan Dragland Die? cause of death explained
How Did Writer and editor Stan Dragland Die? cause of death explained

He was married to Marnie Parsons, a Western University colleague professor, throughout his academic career. Later, the couple severance. In St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, where he continued his literary career and remarried to Beth Follett, the owner of Pedlar Press, Dragland relocated after retiring.

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