How Did Vito Annicchiarico Die? Cause of death Explained

The actor Vito Annicchiarico has away. He was best known for playing the character of Little Marcello in Open City Rome.

How Did Vito Annicchiarico Die?

Vito Annicchiarico, who went away on August 5 in Rome, has died. Age-wise, he was 88.

The young “Marcello” from the movie “Roma Città Aperta,” Vito Annicchiarico, passed away this morning at six in the hospital. He was born in 1934, and five months after his wife Maria vanished, he fled because he could no longer handle the loss of his wife. He had been able to keep in touch with Teresa Gullace’s kids, Mario and Umberto, as well as the Venturini family, who provided financial support for Roberto Rossellini’s wonderful job.

Vito Annicchiarico Wiki

He was born in Grottaglie (Taranto) in 1934. He is best known for playing little Marcello, Anna Magnani’s kid, in the 1945 Roberto Rossellini film open city as well as other roles from the late 1940s. His nephew broke the news of his disappearance by posting an update on the actor’s Facebook page that included some black-and-white pictures and a heartfelt farewell letter.

As if the wind had carried you off… Vito is a fantastic uncle. It was enjoyable to experience your formative years in film alongside you, Anna Magnani, who wished to adopt you, and Roberto Rossellini, who felt a paternal affection for you and told the team, “Oh, this kid is a sensation.” […] Recently, I received a call from an international company regarding a new idea they wanted to share with you. You being back on set would have been welcome. I was too busy to tell you.

Vito Annicchiarico Awards

In 2016, Vito Annicchiarico was given a special award at the Nastri d’Argento, and at the ceremony, he discussed what it was like to work on the set of Rome Open City, a movie that came to represent the neorealism of Rossellini: “Filming Rome Open City was for me like going through the stables to the stars. The necessities were usually present on set, and I always got along well and went everywhere. But there was no such well-being where I lived.

The late actor also recalled that famous scene with Anna Magnani, in which the director had warned him that the actress “she would die,” and he, a young boy, was desperate: “We had to shoot that scene twice because Roberto Rossellini didn’t tell me that Anna Magnani would die in the film, and I was very impressed, I started to cry, I couldn’t calm down, and I didn’t want to shoot anymore.”

Annicchiarico career

Following Rome, open city, Annicchiarico collaborated with Anna Magnani once more in Gennaro Righelli’s Abbasso la miseria! (1945) and Down with riches! (1946). We also recall Coretti from the 1948 film Cuore, which was directed by Duilio Coletti and Vittorio De Sica and was based on the novel by Edmondo De Amicis.

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Vito Annicchiarico family

Three children and three grandchildren are left behind by Annichiarico. The funeral will be held on Monday at 10 a.m. in Pietralata’s San Fedele church, located on Via Mesula.

The final survivor of the great Roberto Rossellini movie, Vito Annichiarico was described by the film critic Adriano Aprà as “a gentleman with an iron memory” who had discovered the cinema while performing post-World War II sciuscià in Rome. Those who stuck with him till the end now say, “It’s as if the wind had swept him away.

How Did Vito Annicchiarico Die? Cause of death Explained
How Did Vito Annicchiarico Die? Cause of death Explained

Annichiarico’s life story can only start when Rossellini first laid eyes on him when he was waiting for an American soldier to arrive to have his shoes cleaned off Tritone, at the corner of Via Macelli, and fell in love with him. He was such a lovely infant. And he later told the crew, “Oh this child is a phenomenon,” in reference to him. He assisted him in informing Via Crispi’s Countess Chiara Politi, who would be the project’s initial backer. However, she would provide him with an alibi by offering to clean 40 pairs of shoes.

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