How Did True Legend Jordan Ratcliffe Die? Cause of death explained

Tragically, Jordan Ratcliffe, a native of the area, was pronounced dead by paramedics sometime later. Today, the grieving Jordan family paid their respects to the “beloved” motorcyclist.

A grieving family of motorcyclists who died after a crash in Pottery says the 30-year-old is a ‘true legend’. Service was called.

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How did Jordan Ratcliffe Die?

According to reports, the 30-year-old was traveling toward Weston Coyney. In the early morning hours, near the intersection with Defoe Drive, the collision occurred.

Jordan couldn’t get around a left-hand turn on the road while riding a BMW motorcycle. after hitting the kerb, a lamppost, and crossing into the Adderley Green-bound lane.

Jordan Ratcliffe’s cause of death

Ratcliffe had an internal hemorrhage, internal wounds, and left-side rib fractures. based on the findings of a post-mortem investigation.

The cause of death for Jordan Ratcliffe was recorded as several injuries. Jordan, of Caverswall Road, lost his life in a car accident. Daniel Howe, an assistant coroner, has concluded as such.

What happened to Jordan Ratcliffe?

An inquest found that a biker was found to have been going more than twice the speed limit when he tragically struck a lamppost, according to an inquest. On April 9 of this year, Jordan Ratcliffe passed away suddenly after suffering numerous injuries in an accident on Park Hall Road. The scooter and lamppost were both seriously hurt in the crash. Jordan most likely lost his balance after the bike hit the kerb and was thrown into the lamppost. Jordan is believed to have been rushing home because that day was his departure date for vacation.

What did the forensic investigator confess about the incident?

According to a review of CCTV footage from stores on Park Hall Road, Jordan was moving at 87 to 89 mph right before the crash. The inquest heard testimony from Brian Lovatt, a forensic collision investigator with Staffordshire Police. The posted speed limit on that section of the road is 40 mph. According to PC Lovatt, the lamppost damage indicates that the scooter was going at a speed that was significantly higher than the posted limit.

Jordan’s helmet lacked a UK safety certificate and had a visor tint that was illegally dark. Jordan’s visor only lets through 18% of the available light; tinted visors must allow at least 50% of light to pass through in order to be utilized in daylight. ” The level of tint would have been taken into account, especially in low-light situations. Given the limited sight, riding would have been much more difficult.

Although there had been a frost the morning of the accident, it was found that the road conditions had not been an influence. According to the evidence produced at the inquest, Jordan did not have the appropriate driving license to operate the motor scooter because it was not insured, taxed, or equipped with an MOT certificate. One car was involved in the incident.

Tributes to Jordan Ratcliffe

Jordan’s loved ones paid him honor after his passing. Jordan is leaving us; he is our beloved son, grandson, brother, uncle, and a living legend. We will never forget you. “Farewell to our dear son Jordan, a son, grandson, brother, uncle, and a true legend,” his family wrote in a statement.

How Did True Legend Jordan Ratcliffe Die? Cause of death explained
How Did True Legend Jordan Ratcliffe Die? Cause of death explained

We shall always remember you. According to Staffordshire Police, a file will soon be created for HM Coroner as Jordan’s family continues to receive care from specialized officers. The crash, which happened on April 9 just before 6.30 am, is still under investigation, and the force is still pleading with witnesses to come forward. In the meantime, supporters of Stoke City are invited to participate in a one-minute round of applause during Friday’s match between the Potters and Bristol City.

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Fans are being urged to pay their respects to Jordan, who Stoke Loud and Proud say were a “very much loved” and “wonderful guy,” in a message on their Facebook page.

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