How did Tom Walling die? Legendary Drummer cause of death Explained.

How did Tom Walling die? Legendary Drummer cause of death Explained.

Symphony X’s drummer and Burndown brother Tom Walling passed away. In this article we have shared how did he die? and what was his cause of death.

Tom was indeed a man of many talents. When he wasn’t doing music, he would cook. And he would cook up a storm.

How did Tom Walling die?

A statement on TedAudio‘s facebook page said that the Symphony X’s drummer had passed away. No further details were given. the message reads,

We received the news that we didn’t want to hear. Our friend and brother has passed on. No further details at the moment.

RIP Thomas Walling. You are rediculously loved


Missing alert on Tom Walling

Tom Walling, who had been reported missing, was found dead. TedAudio posted the missing notice for Tom walling on his facebook page. the message reads,

Our friend Tom Walling, and our housemate, never made it to his Mom’s Wednesday night, Nov 23, 2022.
Thomas E Walling
Age 51
Weight around 250 lbs
Blonde/Gray hair
Last seen wearing a green knit cap, green Eagles jacket, and black sweat pants.
He was driving a 2003 Honda Odyssey van, good slightly rusted, NJ plates P53-KUS
Please contact Detective Kim (badge #929) at (215)686-3353 with any information.
You can also PM here. Please share.

TedAudio is in Roxborough.

Tom Walling cause of death

The reason of death has not yet been disclosed.

The cause of Tom Walling’s passing has not been disclosed by TedAudio or any of his relatives.

However, it appears that little can be spoken at this moment until the family issues a formal statement regarding the situation. As always, once this news is verified, we will look into it and notify you.

We must thus wait till the family members have had the time and space to absorb this enormous loss.

Once we get enough data, we will update the page. Soon, more details regarding Tom Walling’s cause of death will be added.

Tom Walling Biography

Tom graduated from the University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance in 1995 and a Master of Arts in Teaching in 1996. Tom received two honours for his remarkable performance while he was a student at the university: the Music Educators National Conference Award for Excellence in Teaching (1995) and the Paul D. Patterson Award for Outstanding Percussionist (1995).

Tom has given master classes at Brookdale College, The University of the Arts, and Villanova University. He has collaborated with a variety of regional and international acts, including Huffamoose, Gerald Veasly, K-Floor, Rosella Washington, Gravy, Peters Cathedral, Michael Dutton, Mia Johnson, Dialects, and Symphony X, and he continues to do so.


He worked as the house drummer for Sonic Recording Studios from 1996 to 1999, producing a large number of songs, commercials, and full-length albums. Tom has been a percussion instructor at The University of the Arts since being asked to join the faculty in 2004.

Tim Williams Band shared their condolences for Walling death

RIP Tom Walling. Our music scene lost a giant this week. He was such a kind, sweetheart of a guy and he was a drummer with an amazing pocket. Playing with him was effortless. Matt Santry introduced us 10 years ago. Matt was my producer and he brought Tom in to record drums on some of my tracks. I always loved his creativity on the song “Retreat”… the drums continue for a few measures after the song ends in that particular track… just the drums. Tom always hilariously claimed it was a mistake that he rolled with and added some flare to because I was a bit ambiguous with the ending of the tune and he had just learned it that day (as recording sessions go). He wasn’t sure when I was going to stop playing and singing 🙂 That happy accident turned out to be my favorite thing on the track. If you caught us under the 118 N tent last summer with Two Rocks Rye you had the good fortune of hearing him play. Here he is in a picture that’s never seen the light of day I don’t think… it was buried in my phone from 2017 when we opened for Howie Day in Reading. Smile on his face, drumming in the sunshine. He was a good guy and I’ll miss him. Thinking of Matt Santry, his band, Tom’s friends and family tonight

Tim Williams Band

Symphony X history

American progressive metal group Symphony X hails from Middletown, New Jersey. The group was formed in 1994 and is made up of bassist Michael Lepond, guitarist Michael Romeo, keyboardist Michael Pinnella, drummer Jason Rullo, and lead singer Russell Allen.

With the albums Paradise Lost from 2007 and Iconoclast from 2011, which peaked at number 76 on the Billboard 200, they had some moderate commercial success. Romeo clarified the band’s name in an interview from 2008; “As a result, the word “Symphony” and the dramatic element were mentioned together with the music we were creating, which included the keyboard instrument, the guitar, and certain classical components.

Then, when someone said, “Symphony X,” we responded, “Yeah, that’s cool.” It is of that nature, and the “X” represents the unknowable and everything else we do.”

Music style

The progressive metal bands Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and Shadow Gallery are frequently contrasted with Symphony X. Their music incorporates strong metal and progressive rock while also having complicated timings and strange metres.

Strong neo-classical elements are also present, bringing to mind the music of Randy Rhoads, Cacophony, and others as well as Yngwie Malmsteen. Progressive metal, power metal, and neoclassical metal have all been used to describe the group.

Members of Symphony X

Former members

  • Rod Tyler − lead vocals
  • Thomas Walling − drums
  • Thomas Miller − bass, backing vocals
  • John Macaluso – drums
  • Andy DeLuca – bass

Current members

  • Michael Romeo − guitars, backing vocals
  • Michael Pinnella − keyboards, backing vocals
  • Jason Rullo – drums
  • Russell Allen − lead vocals
  • Michael Lepond − bass, backing vocals

Tribute to Tom Walling

RokBottom said,

I’m crushed to learn the passing of my dear friend and Burndown brother Tom Walling.This dude was such a musical inspiration of hard work and dedication to his craft.Tom was the most fun person to be around,always tons of laughs ..It was a honor to rock stages with you fam.I’ll miss you dearly…There was no bigger Philly fan then my brother Tom

This hurts

Rest in beats

Lisa Schaffer Photography said,

I got to see Tom play this past Sept. and I didn’t take many photos that night, but I took these 2 of him, we smiled at each other from this view backstage. Never dreaming that this would be the last time I would ever see him.

This music scene is BIG. Real big. Lots of connections, will one day mean lots of loss. Some unexpected and some over time.

Every moment together that paths are crossed is a blessing. We aren’t always able to be at the same places, but when we run into each other, please don’t take it for granted.

I love you all. Each and every one of my friends and acquaintances in this music scene. We are a village, and we will all get through this devastating loss.

Live in the moment with the friends you love. RIP Tom Walling. It was an honor knowing you.

John Arndts said,

What happened? Seriously…

How did he go missing for two days? I read Emily’s post.

Donna DiRenzo-Franzen said,

Very sad. So sorry for the loss of this special person

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